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Arizona Attorneys, With You Throughout Your Divorce



Throughout your life, unexpected events can occur, which may prove to be a challenge.  Divorce may be a particularly difficult challenge, leaving you emotionally distraught and financially beaten.  Of course, no one intends to get divorced, as all brides and grooms enter marital bliss with optimism and hope for the future.  But, as lives change and individuals adapt, sometimes divorce seems both practical and inevitable.  


Arizona Divorce Attorneys

For potential divorcees who reside in Arizona, there is light on the horizon.  Each divorce attorney inside of Arizona is experienced with divorce and legal separation across the state so that the best advice and guidance is given to you.  The options open to you will be transparent and clear, helping you to decide what you really want and what options are best for you.  Your Arizona divorce attorney will explore whether separation and potential reconciliation are possible, maintaining your best interests at heart at all times.


Possible Negotiations

Each potential divorce is different, and so the guidance which you receive from your divorce attorney will be tailored to your needs and requirements.  If you have children, then the divorce attorney will explore child custody and access arrangements. You may need to explore same-sex marriage divorce or high net worth divorce options, or you may wish to discuss legal separation options, allowing you and your partner to think through your divorce options in full.  Divorce is a final solution for the ending of a marriage, and so many couples may wish to assess whether separating is the best option for themselves and their families.  


Divorces in Arizona

If you decide that divorce is the best option, the marriage will be dissolved after Dissolution Proceedings.  Arizona state law only recognizes grounds for divorce due to irretrievably broken or irreconcilable differences, areas which your divorce attorney will help to explain and guide you through.  The divorce motion may then be labeled as ‘contested’ or ‘uncontested,’ depending upon whether your spouse has responded to the petition for dissolution.  If your spouse contests the divorce, then they will provide the court with a response, enabling an agreement to possibly be reached between both sets of divorce attorneys.  It is only after a marital settlement agreement has not been reached that the divorce may result in a trial.


Temporary Orders

Whilst your divorce attorney is proceeding with your divorce, temporary orders may be invoked by the court.  Such temporary orders may include spousal maintenance, living arrangements, and child custody.  Whilst on many occasions, temporary orders will eventually become permanent orders once the divorce has been finalized, although this is not always the case. It is, of course, easier if all parties agree to the temporary orders, although the court may look at some areas, such as child custody, as being in the best interests of the child or children involved.  Some cases relating to child custody may have to be heard within 24 hours of the application, particularly if the child or children are at possible risk of harm.  Emergency temporary orders may then be invoked which are in the best interests of the child or children in question.  Your divorce attorney in Arizona may also order that a spouse must pay child support, depending on the standard of living which the child or children are accustomed to. Any further medical or educational needs the child or children require will also be taken into account, as well will the financial resources of both parents as well as the debts held by each parent.  Your divorce attorney will also explore any further resources or property as well as how much time each child will spend at the home of each parent.  Child custody and child support issues can be emotive issues for both parents, although your divorce attorney will assess options that are in the very best interest of your child and your family as a whole.



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How Ghanaian Agriculture Can Overcome Weather Issues



The primary sector of Ghana’s economy is agriculture. It accounts for about a third of GDP, employs more than half of the entire labor force, and almost half of all land is devoted to agricultural areas. Like many other developing countries, Ghana is highly dependent on external factors such as weather conditions. But climate change hits the country’s well-being especially hard, increasing the natural disasters’ number and the ecosystem’s destruction. At the same time, only 0.2% of the 7.85 million hectares of the cultivated area is irrigated, and the primary workers are smallholders who often cannot cope with global challenges. It makes Ghana even more vulnerable to natural disasters like droughts and floods.


Remote sensing and other technologies such as geographic information systems (GIS) are effective solutions in extreme weather conditions.

Sensing Methods to Predict Droughts

For drought management scientists have developed several unique indices. The standardized precipitation index (SPI) is one of them. Precipitation information from a ground station is used for calculations. This index is also a disadvantage as it is entirely dependent on precipitation data. Satellite data is more efficient. They allow you to receive up-to-date information in full in real-time, thus more effectively solving various problems. Based on them, the following indices are calculated.


The normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI). It is used to determine the quantity and quality of vegetation in a field. The technology is based on the ability of plants to absorb and reflect light waves.


The vegetation condition index (VCI). It uses data from the AVHRR space sensor and allows you to identify the onset, duration, and severity of drought.


The vegetation health index (VHI). It is one of the first options for remote drought monitoring. Allows you to determine and classify the load on plants due to a disaster.


The soil wetness deficit index (SWDI). It allows you to determine the deviation of soil moisture from the norm. The calculation analyzes reflectivity and ground surface temperature compared to NDVI.


The scaled drought condition index (SDCI). It is calculated from NDVI, rainfall data, and ground surface temperature. Allows you to calculate the monthly value of the drought index.


With the help of these technologies, it is possible to determine such drought indicators as rainfall, soil moisture, temperature, plant response, groundwater reserves, etc.


Remote Sensing for Flood Prediction

Floods are another major threat to agriculture that remote sensing and GIS are well suited to combat effectively. These technologies allow real-time warning of an impending disaster and timely assessment of the damage caused. In particular, with the help of GIS, specialists can identify the most vulnerable areas and analyze all the ongoing changes in the database, including in graphical form. With this information, people can improve the preparedness of regions for floods.


Remote flood monitoring provides detailed maps for threat assessment and hydrological modeling. The technology is suitable for flood management in vulnerable regions, which allows them to provide immediate assistance.


Also, GIS and remote sensing are actively used for morphological studies of reservoirs and zoning of floodplains.


Thus, modern technologies can become practical tools in protecting Ghana’s agriculture from the harmful effects of climate change in the form of natural disasters. Among the satellite data’s advantages for indexing and remote monitoring and sensing is obtaining comprehensive, up-to-date information. Compared to traditional farming methods, it enables better forecasting and management of natural disasters. For a country with an agricultural economy, such opportunities are critical.


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Dede, Big Brother Naija among most-watched titles in Ghana in 2021, according to viewing statistics



Ghanaian telenovela Dede and Big Brother Naija S6 were among the top 10 most-watched African titles on Showmax in Ghana in 2021, according to 2021’s viewing statistics from Showmax.
Ever since it premiered in March 2021, Dede, which follows the tortuous romance between a girl from humble beginnings and her rich employer’s son, has been one of the most popular shows among Ghanaian viewers on Showmax.
Now in its 230th episode (and counting), Dede is directed and produced by the award-winning filmmaker Shirley Frimpong-Manso, known for Ghana’s box office hit The Perfect Picture (and its sequel) and the ground-breaking drama series Shampaign.
Speaking about the popularity of Dede, Shirley said, “I had hoped the show would be a home run, but it has certainly exceeded my expectations with the overwhelming support and popularity it has gained.”
Dede is Shirley’s first-ever telenovela project. She says this was a daunting experience at first but she fell in love with the fact that it was a Cinderella story. “That was my favourite childhood story. Plus it was a female-led role, which was the icing on the cake for me.”
Big Brother Naija S6: The Buzz, the Showmax exclusive hosted by Toke Makinwa, also featured in the coveted list of 2021’s most-watched, alongside another Ghanaian title – the drama series To Have and To Hold.
To Have and To Hold, which wrapped up production of season 1 in November 2021, follows three women (played by Lydia Forson, Naa Ashorkor and Zynell Zuh) as they navigate relationships and their careers in Accra.
Naa Ashorkor, who plays To Have and To Hold’s humble housewife Enyonam, said, “It feels good to be part of the winning team. We put in a lot to make this project successful. We worked hard on this project! I am happy Ghanaians love it.”
Ghanaians also loved the Ghanaian-Nigerian star-studded Showmax Original comedy series Ghana Jollof; The Mrs. and the Mistress, starring beloved Ghanaian actress Jackie Apiah; and Cartel: The Genesis, the action thriller starring Adjetey Anang as a dedicated agent who leads an elite unit to take down a powerful drug syndicate.
Other titles that made the list include Ghanaian comedy drama Little Problems, starring Godwin Namboh; the Showmax Original film Rogue,starring Megan Fox as a mercenary leading a team trapped between merciless militants and a killer lioness; and Nollywood film A Thousand Ways to Break a Cheating Man, directed by Kayode Kasum and starring Bimbo Ademoye and Uzor Arukwe.
See below the full list of the top 10 most-watched African TV shows and movies on Showmax in Ghana in 2021 (in alphabetical order)
  • A Thousand Ways to Break a Cheating Man – Movie
  • Big Brother Naija S6 – Reality series
  • Big Brother Naija S6: The Buzz – Reality, Talk show
  • Cartel: The Genesis – Movie
  • Dede – Telenovela
  • Ghana Jollof – Comedy-drama series
  • Little Problems – Movie
  • Rogue – Movie
  • The Mrs. and The Mistress – Movie
  • To Have and To Hold – Drama series
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5 Trends You Need to Try This Wedding Season



Weddings are one of the biggest celebrations in India. Everyone around the world adores the grand festivities taking place in the ceremony.


Speculations suggest COVID-19 and multiple lockdowns caused the steep rise in weddings during the winter of 2021. Experts think 2022 will witness the same trend again since there are a lot of couples who have postponed their wedding to 2022.


Have you started planning your outfit already? Don’t worry have got you covered!


The grand wedding of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif was all we talked about as 2021 ended. Before the lovely pair tied the knot, other Bollywood celebrities got hitched as well.


We saw a lot of brides sticking to pastels and classic red for their lehenga. The attires were kept lightweight and were flowery. Plunging necklines were sported by many. Another highlight among the 2021 bridal fashion was the bird motif.


As for 2022, micro weddings have become a thing of the past. Couples are choosing to celebrate their D-day with grandeur.


Trends for the upcoming weddings will witness family-style meals, long-weekend weddings, and stunning wedding guest styles. Read The Wedding Trends That Are In-and Out-For Fashion In 2022 by Vogue.


The events will be power-packed with girls sporting stunning lehengas. Other than lehengas, Anarkali silhouettes will be a favorite among guests.


How Can You Style Them?


1.   Anarkali

Image Source: HouseOfIndya


An Anarkali never fails to dazzle anyone. The beautiful silhouettes and designs make you look like royalty.


Taking inspiration from trends from last year, you can opt for an Anarkali with a bird motif. You can wear classic red or stick to pastel based on the theme of the occasion you attend.


Monochrome, black Anarkalis are ideal for a reception or a wedding happening the night.


You can check out gorgeous designs from top designers like Tarun Tahilini, Ritu Kumar, Surbhi Gupta, and so on.


2. Power Your Look With A Dupatta


Image Source: HouseOfIndya


While many underestimate the charm that a dupatta can bring, it is undeniable how a dupatta can brighten your overall outfit.


Follow dupatta styles such as The Tuck-In, Wrap Around, Saree Style, Side See-All to style your lehengas and suits.


There are a variety of dupatta materials that are available to choose from. Also, these can save you big bucks. How? You can re-invent your old suits instead of buying a new outfit altogether.


3. Saree

Image Source: HouseOfIndya


Weddings in 2022 are going to be a grand affair. And sarees will help you look just as stunning. Sarees are comfortable and suit all different body shapes. You can style them in various ways and add your X – factor to it.


We are seeing a lot of girls sporting chiffon sarees. They are beautiful, but you may also consider classic pieces like Kanjivaram sarees or Banarasi Silk while making a purchase.


Choose your accessory based on the saree and event.


Many designers have beautiful collections of Sarees. Make sure you check out collections from Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre, Tarun Tahilani to stay up-to-date with the latest styles and trends.


4. Ethnic Crop Tops

Image Source: HouseOfIndya


The crop top look, paired with a lehenga skirt, rules the wedding guest styles. Many women opt for this for its comfort and effortless style.


How To Style It?


Be bold and go for a plunging neckline. Choose a skirt having intricate details, choose a top that compliments your lehenga. You can either wear or ditch your dupatta.


You can try several other styles as bird motifs, embroidery with this look.


5. Patiala Suits


Last but not the least, Patialas are going to rock in weddings of 2022!


For Haldi, Mehendi, and other such ceremonies, Patiala is ideal. These days there is a rise in popularity for sharara-style Patiala as well.


They are optimal for day functions as well as night functions. And you don’t have to worry about styling them. You can sport your classic Jhumkas. You can either leave your hair open or braid them. Styling them is super easy, making a Patiala a favorite among girls.


Voila! These are the five trendy styles you can try at upcoming weddings. We hope this article helped you gain an insight into the expected trends of 2022.



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MTN Group CEO/ President Engages Bank Of Ghana, Minister Of Finance And Other Key Stakeholders



MTN Group CEO and President Ralph Mupita has paid a day’s working visit to Ghana to engage some key stakeholders of the business and reiterate MTN’s commitment to help grow the telecommunications industry in Ghana.


The Group CEO and his team of executives paid courtesy calls on the Bank of Ghana, Ghana Revenue Authority, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization to interact and discuss issues of mutual interest.


During the visit to the Bank of Ghana Mr. Mupita expressed his appreciation to the Central Bank for the support given to the business over the years. In his remarks the Governor of The Bank Dr. Ernest Addison congratulated MTN for the work done in the mobile financial services sector and indicated the BOG will count on the business to champion innovation and Financial Inclusion. Dr Addison was joined by the 2nd Deputy Governor Mrs Elsie Addo Awadzi.


Ralph Mupita and his delegation then called on the Commissioner General of the Ghana Revenue Authority Rev. Amishaddai Owusu-Amoah and his deputies where he commended Ghana for encouraging headline growth last year.


In his engagements with the Ministry for Finance and the Ministry of Communications and digitalization, Ralph reiterated MTN Group’s commitment to the Ghana market and the company’s continuous support to the Government of Ghana in achieving its digital agenda.


This is the third visit of the Group CEO to Ghana since he assumed office.  The Group CEO is being accompanied by the Vice President for WECA Ebenezer Asante, CEO of MTN Ghana Selorm Adadevoh, CEO of Mobile Money Ltd Eli Hini, Chief Corporate Services Officer Sam Koranteng and Chief Finance Officer Antoinette Kwofie.


The visit to Ghana is part of Ralph’s commitment to growing MTN’s business in the various markets by consistently engaging local authorities to understand their expectations and to foster cordial working relationship. Ralph’s next stop is Nigeria where he will also engage key stakeholders.



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TOP 10 Motorcycles 2022: Today’s Best Bikes



The start of a new motorcycle season is a good reason to think about buying a new iron horse. We have selected the 10 best deals of this year, among which you will find sports Motorcycles, cruisers, and small-capacity models.

  • Suzuki hayabusa
  • BMW M1000RR
  • Ducati Multistrada v4 Pikes Peak
  • Honda grom
  • Harley Davidson pan America
  • BMW R18 Transcontinental
  • Indian super chief
  • Triumph bonneville bobber
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure S
  • Honda goldwing

Suzuki hayabusa

Known as the fastest production motorcycle, the Suzuki Hayabusa has been in production for over 20 years. The new third generation model features a 1340 cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine. The power unit complies with the Euro 5 exhaust standard and produces 187 hp. and a torque of 110 Nm. The bike gets cruise control, lift hold control, launch control and more.


BMW M Automotive has taken part in the development of a motorcycle based on the S1000RR sports model. Improved chassis geometry, carbon fiber wheels and AMP brakes. The redesigned 999cc liquid-cooled engine features Cam Shift Technology. The maximum power reaches 212 hp. (113 Nm), but it is limited to 205 hp. to meet exhaust and sound standards.

Ducati Multistrada v4 Pikes Peak

The 2022 Ducati Multistrada v4 Pikes Peak sports bike has achieved record service intervals of up to 37,500 miles by replacing the Desmodromic valve with conventional springs. The 4-cylinder 1158 cc engine achieves 170 hp. (125 Nm). The model has 17-inch wheels with sports tires, a fully adjustable inverted fork and a mono-shock absorber. Provides adaptive cruise control with radar support, blind spot monitoring, ABS, Wheelie control, traction control.

Honda Grom

In 2022, the model retained the 125cc air-cooled engine producing 10hp. The five-speed transmission allowed for extra energy at low revs. Redesigned seat and 5-spoke 20-inch wheels, LED headlights provide excellent lighting. ABS version available with IMU function.

Harley Davidson pan America

The motorcycle is presented in two specifications. Both received a 1250cc liquid-cooled 60-degree V-Twin engine with 145bhp. (122 Nm). The standard model received suspension components from Showa, while the special version received semi-active suspension technology, optional adaptive ride height and a full range of adventure parts (bumpers, centerstand, etc.).

BMW R18 Transcontinental

One of the best options for long distance travel. This cruiser is powered by a 1802cc twin-cylinder boxer engine with 91 horsepower. air / oil cooled. Transmission – six-speed with single-plate dry clutch. For greater comfort, you can choose between three driving modes. Standard driver assistance features include dynamic cruise control, lift control, automatic stability control, and reverse assist.

Indian Super Chief

The model is specially designed for long driving: with a cruiser steering wheel, windshield. The Super Chief is powered by an air-cooled 49 degree v-Twin Thunderstroke 111 ci. The package includes cruise control, optional ABS, different driving modes. A special feature of this motorcycle is the ability to deactivate the rear cylinder.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber

The cruiser got more muscular lines this year. The power plant of the Euro 5 standard is a two-cylinder 1200 cc engine with 76 hp. liquid-cooled, which is paired with a 6-speed transmission. Comfort and safety are provided by switchable traction control, cruise control, ABS.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure S

Designed as the name suggests, this model is for adventure. Perfect aerodynamic design, multiple driving modes, semi-active block suspension technology, 1301 cc Euro 5 engine with 160 hp. – this is not a complete list of the motorcycle’s advantages. The driver is assisted by two-channel adaptive cruise control, traction control, radar-dependent EPS with emergency braking and blind spot detection.

Honda Goldwing

For almost 50 years, the Honda Goldwing has been giving its owners the maximum pleasure from a comfortable ride. The 2022 is equipped with a new suspension, a 6-cylinder 1,833 cc engine with 125 hp. and 170 Nm of torque, a manual six- or seven-speed automatic transmission to choose from. The bike is nearly 90 pounds lighter and the roof rack has increased in volume. For the convenience of the driver, a TFT display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 4 driving modes and much more are provided.


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Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives embark on medical outreaches across the country



The Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives, Ghana (UPNMG) as part of preparations for their Mega National launch, has organised medical outreaches in some parts of the country.

The Volta/Oti and the Central Regional branches of the Union on January 20, 2022, rolled out blood donation exercises as well as medical screening in Kete-Krachi, within the Krachi West Municipal Health Directorate.

This was for a myriad of health conditions such as Hypertension, HIV, Hepatitis B and Malaria.

Sugar levels (Random Blood Sugar) and Hemoglobin levels were also checked for beneficiaries with no cost involved.

The exercise supported by the Municipal Hospital and Health Directorate attracted over 60 residents for the blood donation exercise while over 100 were medically screened.

It had in attendance the Krachi West Municipal Hospital Deputy Director of Nursing Services (DDNS) as well as the Volta Regional Public Health Nurse.

A similar exercise was organised in the Central Region in collaboration with the Cape-Coast Teaching Hospital at the Abora market where several pints of blood were also donated.

Other regions are also expected to carry out similar exercises in the coming days.

The Union has been at the forefront of the nursing and midwifery profession and has been relentless in its quest to improve upon the working conditions of nurses and midwives in the country.

It is the first Union within the noble nursing/midwifery profession to institute a loan scheme dubbed the UPNMG Loan Scheme for its members which runs at an interest rate of 11%.

It has also another scheme for its members dubbed the UPNMG Mart/UPNMG Hire Purchase Scheme which has been in operation since May 2020.

The leadership of the UPNMG have also cushioned its members with the UPNMG Insurance via a partnership with Enterprise Life Insurance and is set to roll out the UPNMG Land Policy.

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