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Artnoise Open residency invites artists to travel the world



Applications are open for Artnoise open residency 2021 – 2023. Artnoise open residency gives its participants the opportunity to travel to Ghana, London, Morocco, Togo, Capetown, or Canada from 2021 – 2023, create new art, explore and exhibit their works.

Artnoise Open Residency is a program designed for Visual Creatives who work in various mediums including the digital space interested in exploring Afro arts and audiences. It is designed for creative people who want to take steps in their career and artistic development which include painters, applique artists, digital illustrators and painters, video game artists, Youtube content creators, and other arts professionals.

Participants will have the space to create, research, experiment, cultivate new directions in their work as well as execute new projects.

In addition to a shared studio space and living facilities, artists are invited to immerse themselves in the local creative community, art exhibitions and festivals, visit galleries and have the opportunity to learn from their peers in the hosting city.

This opportunity will provide artists with support to develop their art, explore new art, gain new experiences, exhibit, and meet new audiences.

This is not Artnoise first foray with artists, in 2018 the platform took artists to Kenya and Tunisia, in 2019 to Canada, and in 2020, it held hosted free online programs for hundreds of creatives to develop their arts online during the pandemic.


It has also supported visual projects of independent creatives like OSHUN.


Participants in the 2021 – 2023 program include EMMY nominated digital artist Donavon Brutus, and many more.

Participants of the program can request funding and support for their projects as needed.

To learn more and participate in the program, simply apply here –


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