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BarCamp Ghana 2010 sets the aganda for discussions and networking



BarCamp Ghana 2010, an ad-hoc gathering where attendees meet for discussions, demos and networking, will take place on December 18 at the Ashesi University campus in Accra. The theme is “Create dreams, work smart and shape the future”. Following the successes of BarCamp Ghana ’08 and BarCamp Ghana ’09, regional BarCamp events were organized in Kumasi, Accra and Takoradi and Barcamp Ghana 2010 will crown the year as the national event.

BarCamps all over the world have brought together individuals and organizations to collaborate on various projects and businesses. BarCamp Ghana’10 is a FREE event for anyone who is interested in using their skills, talent, and resources to benefit Ghana and Africa as a whole. This year, the focus is on telling stories and discussing ways of how entrepreneurs and businessmen can create wealth in a burgeoning Accra metropolis faced with a myriad of challenges.

Unusually, the pivot of this year’s event revolves around breakout sessions instead of the usual mix of discussions and expert panelist presentations – regardless, experts will be seated in each breakout discussion to facilitate the coherence of relevant facts and knowledge on all respective items for deliberation.  This strategy was inspired by the desired outcome of this year’s gathering which is to stimulate an engaging conference between industry stakeholders, consumers and prospective entrepreneurs on the workings and current realities of industries and services in Ghana.

Impressive yet poignant is our bill of facilitating experts, all of which effect the changes and growing definition of their industries worth and direction in this era. Our confirmed list includes

•        Bernard Avle of CITI 07.3 FM,

•        Leila Djansi of Turning Point Pictures,

•        Oluniyi Ajao of Web4Africa,

•        Solomon Adu-Atefoe of Agric Development Bank,

•        Golda Addo of Energy Solutions Foundation,

•        Mohamed Amin Adam of Publish What You Pay,

•        Philip Gamey of Web & Software,

•        DK Osseo-Asare of Anamcity,

•        Paul Tenejou of ROI-MOB-Lang,

•        Ronke Ampiah of Smiles for Christmas