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Berla Mundi presents BYou Conference Today, June 4



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Ghanaian broadcaster, Berla Mundi is set to organize her first major conference: ‘The BYou Conference’, as part of activities scheduled for the year, under her career and guidance project for young Ghanaian women, ‘B.You by Berla Mundi’.

The ever-anticipated Conference comes off on June 4, 2022, at the Fitzgerald in Cantonments, and is aimed at inculcating skills and traits of core entrepreneurship into the youth., to propel them along their life and entrepreneurial journeys.

The conference will also provide exclusive sessions with some of the best brains and most experienced resource persons in the field of brand building, career guidance, entrepreneurship and life skills.

The one-day conference would have three sessions with three power speakers: Rev. Albert Ocran Executive Pastor, ICGC Christ Temple and Co-founder of the Springboard Road Show Foundation, as well as Lead Consultant at Legacy & Legacy, Dzigbordi Kwaku-Dosoo, Globally Certified High-Performance Coach CHPCTM, Human Skills Expert, Business Strategist & Consultant, and Gwyneth Gyimah Addo, Business leader, Strategist, CEO of the Hair Senta.

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There would be a surprise key note speaker, who has over 20 years of global experience on corporate brand building and a superwoman in the world of technology.

Also expected to speak at the event would be Adeline Asante-Antwi, Marketing Manager- L’Oréal West Africa, whose core interest is in building the right career, and a rep from Absa Bank Ghana Limited, on Financial Independence.

Organizers of the conference carefully selected these speakers, who have a wealth of experience in their fields of endeavor, coupled with a dedicated focus on youth empowerment.  They include:


  1. Dzigbordi Kwaku-Dosoo

Dzigbordi (Gee-Bor-Dee) Kwaku-Dosoo is a globally experienced Certified High-Performance Coach CHPCTM, Human Skills Expert, Business Strategist & Consultant.

She is a global speaker who has impacted and influenced over 1 million lives and counting using real life experiences to help people unleash their full potential to ultimately win at life and business.


Prior to her transition into coaching and training, Dzigbordi worked as a corporate executive in Financial Services and Consulting and later moved into full-time entrepreneurship in wellness and lifestyle.


Dzigbordi is passionate about giving back to the community, and mentoring the youth. She serves on a number of boards in varied sectors including GG Credit, the Spa and Wellness Association of Africa, and is currently serving on the board of the Children’s Heart Foundation.


She is a columnist for the ‘Business and Financial Times’, and has been featured in Top International and Lifestyle Industry Press such as CNN, Business in Africa, Spa Business Magazine, The Spa Hand Book, Women’s Wear Daily, Pulse Magazine, among others.

Dzigbordi has been awarded “Heart of Leadership” award (2017) Repêchage USA.

In 2012, she was named as the Only female in the Top Ten Most Respected CEOs in Ghana and the Most Outstanding and Influential Ghanaian in 2010 by Global Centre for Transformational Leadership and CIMG Marketing Woman of the Year in 2009.

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Dzigbordi holds an Economics and Finance Degree (Virginia State University), Executive Education (Harvard University), and Outstanding Certifications in High performance Coaching, Etiquette and International Protocol, Executive Presence, Image Consulting, Spa Management and Wellness Therapies.

She is Founder & CEO of Dzigbordi Consulting Group and Allure Africa, a personal and professional development brand and a premier lifestyle business respectively.

The successful entrepreneuer and brand coach have had impact on numerous individuals and it is also your time to be a beneficiary of her nuggets and hence, the importance of being at the conference to be impacted with growth.

  1. Albert Ocran

Rev. Albert Ocran is an Executive Pastor, ICGC Christ Temple, Co-founder of the Springboard Road Show Foundation and a Lead Consultancy at the Legacy and Legacy.

Rev. Ocran works with a number of local and multinational clients spanning the mining, banking, telecommunications, insurance, petrochemical, educational, manufacturing and not-for-profit sectors due to his experience in corporate training and executive coaching.

In 2018, he was awarded the Exclusive Man of the Year Africa Award in the Mentorship Category and also received the Millennium Excellence Award for Motivation in 2010.

He has been named in the list of 100 most influential Ghanaians by ETV Ghana for four consecutive years.

He was also voted as Ghana’s 7th Most Respected CEO by his peers in 2009.

Rev. Albert Ocran is a Board Member and Fellow of the Africa Leadership Initiative West Africa and a fellow of the prestigious Aspen Global Leaders Network based in Colorado, USA.

He has published 26 bestselling leadership and self-development books together with his wife Mrs. Comfort Ocran.

Albert has a passion for challenging people to reach their full potential and live out their God-given dreams.

He is the Chairman of Lexta Ghana Limited and a director of Metso Minerals Ghana.

Rev. Ocran is one of Ghana’s most sought-after speakers with over 120 annual engagements that include high profile assignments for local and international organizations both in Ghana and abroad.

He is also a fellow of the Africa Leadership Initiative and the prestigious Aspen Global Leaders Network based in Colorado.

He is a regular columnists of Ghana’s biggest weekly newspaper, the Mirror as well as the Business & Financial Times.

Rev. Ocran’s impact in his personal circle and internationally is absolutely exemplary.

  1. Gwyneth Gyimah Addo

Gwyneth Gyimah Addo often called Gwen by many is a wife, a mother, a philanthropist.

She is also a business leader, strategist and the CEO of the Hair Senta among many other businesses.

Gwen joined Standard Chartered Bank after her first degree from the University of Ghana, Legon but later resigned in 2012 to peruse and set up her lifelong dream in the hair industry.

Hair Senta Ltd, which had very humble beginnings from 2009 has now transformed into one of Africa’s leading human hair companies and the number one consumer choice for ‘human hair extensions in the country and beyond.

In 2016, Gwen graduated with an Executive MBA from China Europe International Business School – CEIBS (currently ranked No.2 worldwide) as well an Executive Management Program in Harvard Business School.

She also recently added a new line to the business called the “HAIR SENTA INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY SHOW” (HIBS AFRICA), which aims at projecting the beauty industry in Ghana and Africa through beauty shows and marketing events.

Today, the Hair Senta brand offers treatment for all hair types and scalp conditions, making impact in the hair and beauty industry.

Gwen was recently awarded the 40 under 40 Sales and Marketing award in 2019 and also nominated for the 2021 EMY Africa Young Achiever Award, aside from several many other awards and nominations both locally and internationally.

She also set up the Leading Senta Foundation which focuses on redirecting, grooming and changing the entire mindset of the youth of Ghana through free business strategy sessions, advise, leadership sessions and capital support.

The successful business woman has the vision of making Hair Senta the most successful hair company in the world out of Africa.

For Gwen, her love, commitment, reliance and trust in the Lord is unquestionably, the pivot round which her business success revolves.

Gwen will be at the BYOU Conference to channel her nuggets of wisdom in her line of work. Be there!!


  1. Adeline Asante -Antwi

Adeline Asante-Antwi is a Marketing Manager at L’Oreal West Africa.

She is a digital marketing enthusiast and brand builder.

She is proven to deliver multiple projects for multiple brands while remaining committed to developing productive and trusting partnerships with clients, colleagues and suppliers.

Adeline possesses excellent interpersonal and analytical skills as well as the ability to communicate articulately at all levels.

She is also a lead in Marketing Ghana for Haircare- Dark & Lovely, Maybelline New York and Face Care-Garnier.

Adeline is also the Brands Manager for Skin Cleansing, Uniliver Ghana responsible for the brands health and performance and leading the development of the Brand Marketing Plan within the National Category Plan.

To know more about this superwoman, don’t miss the conference.


Our fifth speaker is the surprise guest speaker for the event.

She has a wealth of experience in technology across the globe and one who is passionate about the Young African woman’s success.

I guess you are the edge of your seat now.

Be at the Conference to find out the personality.




To qualify as a participant, register for all three sessions at just GH120.00 including a meal package.

However, a session goes for just 50 Ghana Cedis (GH50).

The conference isn’t leaving out business owners as enviable packages are in store for them. Join the conference’s business expo to showcase your business, grow your market and intensify your network with other business owners. 

Package for non-student entrepreneurs includes one stall, one table, two chairs,

 a stall tag and a social media promotion all at 300 Ghana Cedis (GH300.00).


However, student entrepreneurs with valid ID Cards gets one table, one stall, two chairs, a stall tag and social media promotions at 150 Ghana Cedis (GH150.00).

Register via or call 0257208790.

You can also visit the byoubyberlamundi website: for more.

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In an effort to develop high-quality machine translation capabilities for most of the world’s low-resource languages, this single AI model was designed with a focus on African languages. They are challenging from a machine translation perspective. AI models require lots and lots of data to help them learn, and there’s not a lot of human translated training data for these languages. For example, there’s more than 20M people who speak and write in Luganda but examples of this written language are extremely difficult to find on the internet.


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Language is our culture, identity, and lifeline to the world. However, as high-quality translation tools don’t exist for hundreds of languages, billions of people today can’t access digital content or participate fully in conversations and communities online in their preferred or native languages. This is especially true for hundreds of millions of people who speak the many languages of Africa.


“Africa is a continent with very high linguistic diversity, and language barriers exist day to day. We are pleased to announce that 55 African languages will be included in this machine translation research, making it a major breakthrough for our continent,” Balkissa Ide Siddo, Public Policy Director for Africa said while speaking about the launch of the AI model. “In the future, imagine visiting your favourite Facebook group, coming across a post in Igbo or Luganda, and being able to understand it in your own language with just a click of a button – that’s where we hope research like this leads us. Highly accurate translations in more languages could also help to spot harmful content and misinformation, protect election integrity, and curb instances of online sexual exploitation and human trafficking.”


While commenting on accessibility and inclusion in the pursuit of building an equitable metaverse, Ide Siddo added “At Meta, we are working today to ensure that as many people as possible will be able to access the new educational, social and economic opportunities that the next evolution of the internet will bring to future technology and an everyday living experience tomorrow.”


To confirm that the translations are high quality, Meta also created a new evaluation dataset, FLORES-200, and measured NLLB-200’s performance in each language. Results revealed that NLLB-200 exceeds the previous state of the art by an average of 44 percent.


Meta is also open-sourcing the NLLB-200 model and publishing a slew of research tools to enable other researchers to extend this work to more languages and build more inclusive technologies. Meta AI is also providing up to $200,000 of grants to non-profit organizations for real world applications for NLLB-200.


There are versions of Wikipedia in more than 300 languages, but most have far fewer articles than the 6+ million available in English. Following Meta’s partnership with the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that hosts Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects, modelling  techniques and learnings from the NLLB research are now also being applied to translation systems used by Wikipedia editors. Using the Wikimedia Foundation’s Content Translation Tool, articles can now be easily translated in more than 20 low-resource languages (those that don’t have extensive datasets to train AI systems), including 10 that previously were not supported by any machine translation tools on the platform.


To explore a demo of NLLB-200 showing how the model can translate stories from around the world, visit here. You can also read the research paper here.



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