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Biodun Abudu’s ‘Forbidden Scriptures’, a novel for sexually open minded individuals



Biodun Abudu’s new book is an erotic poetry book that creatively gives us a sweet escape, feeding our imaginative minds, giving us the pleasure of creating different scenarios with different thoughts.

“Pleasure is a journey to continuously enjoy the ultimate satisfaction. Passion is an endless story that we never can put a full stop to. Pain is pleasure and is a necessary role in our sexual journey. Power is freedom and is a major part of a sexual awakening.”

Sex is not really discussed as much these days due to shyness, judgment and more. Forbidden scriptures celebrates the human private parts and celebrates great healthy, safe, kinky sex and more in a create way with poetry. It’s an erotic poetry book that stimulates ones’ mind to think outside of the box and explore a sexual creative side. 

Abudu’s new book, Forbidden Scriptures , is now available on 

Biodun Abudu, also an artist, is known for his previous books titled “Tales of My Skin” and “Stolen Sanity”. When he is not writing he is creating bold art pieces and managing his online boutique. 

Author Biodun Abudu released his 3rd book on Saturday, May 9th 2020. He had a virtual book release and launch on Zoom, Facebook live and Instagram live . It was a successful book release with a spicy Q&A session with people who tuned in.