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Bloggers Association of Ghana Launches “Blog & Promote Ghana” Campaign ahead of Christmas



The Bloggers Association of Ghana recently launched a campaign urging Ghanaian bloggers and social media users to actively promote the country during the upcoming Christmas season under the theme “Blog and Promote Ghana Agenda.”

At the launch, the association’s president, Andre Mustapha NII Okai Inusah, aka Attractive Mustapha, stressed Ghana’s uniqueness and encouraged fellow citizens to take pride in showcasing their nation.

Emphasizing Ghana’s central global position and abundant natural resources, he declared Ghana as the most peaceful country in Africa.

“Let’s boost our pride in Ghana and share about our nation because we have everything a country needs,” he urged.


Attractive Mustapha also disclosed plans for a Ghana tour and a global promotion campaign set to kick off in December.

He highlighted how December has become synonymous with Ghana, drawing people worldwide to celebrate Christmas and New Year, positioning Ghana as a premier destination for these festivities.

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