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Breathe Easy: Anas Amereyaw calls off threat to expose John Dumelo after actor pays $6000 Out Of The $10000 owed



John-Dumelo-All-White-Party-In-South-Africa-2Actor John Dumelo can breathe easy as award-winning investigative journo, Anas Amereyaw Anas has decided to not release  incriminating audio tapes about monies the actor owes a certain woman in Australia. Speaking to some media in Ghana, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has revealed that “in as much as John Dumelo was expected to pay the amount of 10,000 Dollars before the two–week ultimatum, he has only paid an amount of 6,000 Dollars and needs to pay an additional 4,000 Dollars”. Flex Newspaper reports that when asked if he would go ahead and expose John Dumelo through the audio tapes, Anas noted that he would not reveal the audio tapes because in his estimation, John Dumelo has demonstrated his willingness to pay the entire 10,000 Dollars. ‘At this stage 6,000 Dollars has been paid and it’s a demonstration of his (John Dumelo’s) willingness to pay. The process is not about the vilification of any character. It’s just about fairness and I think he has played it fair. I think the matter should come to rest now and we should move on. This is not any personal fight. I contacted him three months ago to react to the issue but he didn’t give it any meaningful reaction. If he has given the necessary attention to the issue now, there is no need to go ahead and release those tapes. It’s fair to say that he has conducted himself well in this matter” Anas told ‘Flex’ newspaper. When Anas was asked if he was hopeful John Dumelo would pay the remaining 4,000 Dollars, this is what he also had to say; ”I am very hopeful he is going to work on that. I am satisfied with his demonstration of willingness to pay and that was all that I expected when I contacted him three months back. I would want to reiterate that this whole issue isn’t a personal issue. It isn’t also an issue bothering on sex or relationship”.]]>

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