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Bringing eye care to your doorstep… Spectacular Optics



So I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was in Senior Secondary School (yes that was a long time ago, and it was called SSS not SHS, LOL). And between that period and now, I have visited different ophthalmologists/optometrists and opticians. I usually have to find time and go to them, but I recently experienced a modern and different eye care solution, when Spectacular Optics visited Ameyaw Debrah Media to examine my team.


The Spectacular Optics team came in with some of their state-of-the-art devices and went straight to work. They performed a number of activities on my team including the following:


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Visual acuity 

Visual acuity refers to your ability to discern the shapes and details of the things you see. It’s just one factor in your overall vision. Others include color vision, peripheral vision, and depth perception. There are several different types of visual acuity tests, most of which are very simple. The Spectacular Optics team used a 3-meter VA chart to establish how well each eye sees, in ascertaining any visual function deficiency amongst the Ameyaw Debrah Media staff.


Ophthalmoscopy, also called funduscopy, is a test that allows a health professional to see inside the fundus of the eye and other structures using an ophthalmoscope. It is done as part of an eye examination and may be done as part of a routine physical examination.  The team was examined to establish any pathological anomaly within their eyes. 

Intra Ocular Pressure Check

There was also an Intra ocular pressure check with an iCare tonometer to establish any variation in eye pressures. Intraocular pressure is the fluid pressure inside the eye. Tonometry is the method eye care professionals use to determine this. IOP is an important aspect in the evaluation of patients at risk of glaucoma. Most tonometers are calibrated to measure pressure in millimeters of mercury.

Test for Refraction

The team was tested with an auto refractor to know the depth of refractive error and aid in correcting that error with prescription eyeglasses. Refraction is what the doctor uses to get your eyeglasses prescription. You look at a chart, usually 20 feet away, or in a mirror that makes things look like they’re 20 feet away. You’ll look through a tool called a phoropter. It lets the doctor move lenses of different strengths in front of your eyes.

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