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British Army Veteran Terry Kojo Vandie Asiamah Releases His Debut Modern Art Collective



Terry Kojo Vandie Asiamah  – FRSA  is a British Army Infantry veteran, when service to queen and country came to a halt he decided to pursue   Bespoke Tailoring.

He is also a  Avant Garde Fashion Designer and a Modern Artist;  his paintings  are very personal and are described by the Artist as deep emotional expressions of the state of mind of a modern man who is  severely regimented but yet very fragmented.

He explores the limits of the mind and experiments with the physical abilities of the body via thought provoking  visual expressions   in the perimeters of Modern Art. He founded Okona Foundation in collaboration with his siblings in 2012 to honor his late father; a non profit organisation  that exists to support early childhood education amongst deprived families and communities in Ghana.


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