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Canadian Actor and Singer Dies in South Korea From Plastic Surgery Complications



After surgeries feb. 2023

22-year-old Canadian-Portuguese actor, singer, and songwriter Saint Von Colucci passed away early this Sunday at Seoul’s National Hospital due to complications from his previous plastic surgeries in the country.


The actor underwent twelve plastic surgeries within the last few months in order to play a KPOP idol character in an upcoming Korean drama. The character was supposed to look similar to Korean singer Jimin, from the Korean group BTS.



The actor has always been insecure about his overall looks in Korea and felt very discriminated against his Western traits. The actor spent over U$D200k on various surgeries to change his looks to appear more Asian.


He underwent jaw surgery, eye lift, buccal fat removal, lip reduction, a facelift, and others.

The actor first moved to South Korea at age 19 after passing an audition in Toronto, Canada, to become a trainee in one of the top music entertainment in South Korea.



Once in South Korea, the actor started working odd jobs and writing songs for various other KPOP groups and singers in order to make some extra money, as the monthly stipend given by his entertainment agency was not enough to cover his basic monthly expenses.


The actor when got cast in early 2023 to play one of the main protagonists for an upcoming Korean drama, that is set to be released on a major American streaming service late this year.



Colucci`s funeral will be held in Seoul for close friends and family members.


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