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Cardboard boxes: how to choose yours



When we need to pack an object or our products, the first thing that comes to mind is cardboard boxes. We see it somewhat simple, but we enter a catalog and find thousands of measurements with different thicknesses and we see that it is a world. Today you can find a variety of shipping boxes to choose from. There are so many options and you can even find custom printed shipping boxes with just a few clicks. You are greatly facilitated by the Internet.

In this post we give you the best tips to find your box. 

The second thing we think about is something very cheap and that our product enters, but STOP. Think that your product or object that you appreciate so much can be broken by poor packaging. We know that the economy is not to waste, but there are very key things to take into account to choose well:

– Measure your product or object well to get an idea of ​​the box measurements you need. When you measure it you will get the interior measurements, but keep in mind that, in general and our boxes, come exterior measurements and given in length x width x height.

– Take into account if it is a more or less fragile product or more susceptible to damage. This point will help you tell by more or less thick boxes.

– How much weight are you going to put in the box? The greater the thickness and grammage of the box, the greater the weight it will support. It is very important to be aware that if the weight is well distributed and the box well packed it will support the weight more and better.

– These two previous points will help you choose between: single channel micro, single channel, single channel 180gr or double channel.

– Think about whether you want to pack the product already packed or use the box as packaging. Remember that you can also customize your boxes.

– It is important to think about whether you are going to deliver it by hand to your client, are you going to transport it yourself or a transport agency will take it: If you give it by hand or take it with your own transport, you will take great care of your boxes or product and it is less likely to break.

– If it is run by an agency, they will not have so much “love” for the content. Especially in the case of glasses, glassware, bottles or pictures and tv. In these cases we recommend special cardboard boxes for shipments of bottles or boxes for tv and pictures.

These points will help you both for the packaging of your products, as well as for moving or sending some objects as something casual. Cardboard boxes are an inexpensive, fast, recyclable, foldable (does not take up space) and customizable resource. You can buy high quality cardboard boxes from BlueRose Packaging. They offer almost all types of packaging at affordable prices.

Is this post useful? We hope so! Thank you for reading…



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