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It’s more than a chair! Top executive chair, Airpad Chair featured in upcoming movie, Potamanto



Blue Gallery Banner What if all you needed for a great day could be found in one chair!!!.A chair made of state of the art technology and innovative materials that prevent heat buildup and keep the body at an ideal temperature all day. How about a chair that adjusts to your weight and provides optimal seating with its amazing and unique body-float mechansism.  It makes the seater virtually feel afloat in his seat. This is the German-Made AirPad Chair from Blue Gallery, The premium destination for home & office furniture in Ghana, near the Tema Motorway Roundabout. The AirPad chair is also a celebrity; it was featured in the latest James Bond 007 movie. It is also the same chair used by Olu Jacob’s character in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s Potomanto movie, a chair suitable for the mastermind that he is. It is an ideal chair for executives who desire calmness amid the stress and torments of the corporate world. Get the AirPad Chair from Blue Gallery today. Call Blue Gallery on 030-3300121. Or send email to Visit the website for more information. Air Pad In movie  ]]>