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Check out what Nigerians are saying about Beverly and Angelo bonk!!! #bbathechase



beverly and angelo sex big brotherNigerians are about the most sexually active people I know in Africa (if the constant pestering from my Nigerian friends on social media for me to hook them up with ‘Ghanaian babes with big yansh’ is anything to go by), but when they are in the Big Brother Africa house, they seem to control themselves pretty well. Well, until their recent rep, Beverly Osu decided to first allow South Africa’s Angelo to pleasure her with his fingers a few weeks ago, and then took it even further in the bathroom recently. The two took it into the bed on Friday night under sleeping sheets which unfortunately couldn’t muffle their moans. Well, BBA fans in Nigeria have set social media on fire with mostly condemnation for Beverly for the act, which the video vixen may hold no regret for.  Check some comments bellow beverly angelo sex 2 beverly angelo sex 3 beverly angelo sex]]>