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Chemphe and others compose ‘Africa Arise’ song for the AU



ChempheSinger Chemphe, and some other African acts have been commissioned to compose a song for the African Union’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The song, ‘Africa Arise’ which will be presented to the AU during the celebration this year, will throw more light on youth empowerment and full participation of the youth in decision making. According to a press statement,complements a Memorandum that AAYMCA will present to the African Union (AU) and Ministers associated with the AU in all countries in which the YMCA has a presence. This activity is part of the AU Golden Jubilee celebrations and is intended to both laud the AU on its 50 year Golden Jubilee and congratulate the AU for its dedication to the Pan-African agenda, and to express youth readiness to be part of Africa’s decision-making. “Chemphe is no newcomer to YMCA projects. He co-wrote the very popular S2C song, in 2010, which took the YMCA global movement by storm and became the unofficial theme song at the Hong Kong World Council in the same year.  In 2011, he went on to write Global Citizens for the TT Festival in Norway”. Chemphe commented, “My commitment to the YMCA has blessed my life and my work. Youth empowerment is key to the development of our countries and our continent. In all my work for the YMCA I am driven to advocate for youth to speak for themselves, and create spaces to show that they are citizens who are creative and committed to shape a future we can all be proud of” .]]>