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Dog Behavior And Basic Training Tips For Fur Parents



When you own a puppy, you need to train him or her to behave. Dogs will behave in certain ways to communicate with you or show their emotions. However, some forms of behavior may cause you problems, so you will want to train your dog.

We got some tips from Rick Allen, a canine expert of The Pampered Pup, on how we can address some common dog behavior, how to get your dog to stop, and other basic training tips.

Dog Behavior

First, we will talk about three common dog behaviors you will want to stop as soon as you can.

Accidents Indoors

If you have a new puppy, or a dog without proper training, he or she may have accidents in your house. Whenever you adopt a dog, you should immediately expect this issue, so you need to address it as soon as you can. After all, you don’t want to clean up accidents multiple times a day.

You will have to choose indoor dog pads or having your dog use the bathroom while outside. Whichever one you choose, make sure you give your dog a treat each time he or she uses the bathroom in the right place. Soon, your dog will make that connection and use the bathroom where he or she should.

Biting and Destroying Belongings

As dogs get older, or if they become stressed, some of them will start to teeth and bite different belongings. While biting isn’t a problem if your dog chews on toys or food, you don’t want your dog biting on your furniture and pillows. Many dogs will look for wood, fabric or hard objects they can chew on to help them with teething.

You should give your dog different objects he or she can chew on. If your dog starts to chew small objects or pillows, you should put those belongings in hard to access areas. You can also purchase bitter spray to make your belongings taste bad, so your dog won’t want to chew on them. This will take some effort, but you should keep it in mind and check your belongings.

Barking at People

Dogs bark when they feel threatened, scared or anxious about something they don’t recognize. Due to this, your dog may start to bark at people whenever he or she sees a stranger outside. This can happen during walks, when your dog looks out the window or if a let a friend into your house that your dog hasn’t met before.

If your dog starts to bark, you can use different techniques to get him or her to stop. This includes making a noise to indicate that your dog needs to stop, such as saying “nu-uh” or a quick “shh”. You can also buy dog collars or training devices to get your dog to stop, though we will discuss those options later on.

Basic Training Tips

You should keep these important tips in mind when you focus on your dog training.

Focus on Positive Reinforcement

When you train your dog, you need to provide positive reinforcement. Some people try to focus on correcting dogs, but they don’t respond well to that approach. Dogs are creatures that react to situations without planning ahead, so they will seek out instant gratification and rewards, making positive reinforcement the best option.

This will include giving your dog some treats, providing pets and talking in an approving voice. As you do these things, you can encourage your dog to continue with the positive behavior. Just give your dog positive reinforcement whenever he or she does something right.

Get a Dog Training Collar

Sometimes, dogs will do things their owners don’t want them to do. Since you can’t provide positive reinforcement in these situations, you will need an easy way to correct your dog. A dog training collar allows you to play a noise, vibrate the collar or give a light shock to distract your dog.

Dog training collars work well for dogs that tend to act up, or if you need a simple way to address bad behavior. This way, you won’t get mad at your dog, which could affect your dog negatively. Instead, you have an easy way to discourage bad behavior without hurting your dog or making him or her sad.

Consistency Is Key

As you train your dog, you need to stick to the training. Dogs learn through repetition, so you need to keep at it and encourage your dog to behave. Not only do you need to consistently encourage good behavior, but you need to be consistent with the rewards as well. Otherwise, your dog won’t continue with the positive behavior.

Consistency matters the most when your dog is at a young age. You can leave powerful impressions on your dog when he or she is a puppy, so make sure you continue with your training until your furry friend gets older. This way, your dog will stick with these habits, so you don’t have to continue training him or her.

Training your dog will take plenty of effort, but you will simplify the process if you remember these tips. On top of that, you should keep those common dog behaviors in mind to help you meet your dog’s needs. Feel free to use these various points to train your dog and prepare him or her to behave properly.



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