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Don’t Miss Out on Cosmolle’s Summer Bra & Underwear Clearance Sale!



We believe it would be a lie if someone says they don’t like clearance sales or any sales in general. Maybe a few people would rather pay full price for everything, but we are sure a huge majority of the world’s population loves a good sale. 

If it wouldn’t like this, people wouldn’t go as crazy as they go during the biggest sales of the year, like Black Friday or any other sales. Did you know we need to change our underwear, especially our bras, around every 6-9 months? 

The reason behind this is the fluctuation in our bodies and our weights. You can either gain or lose weight; therefore, a new bra would be needed. If you are in this predicament, we have the best solution for you. And it actually is Cosmolle’s bra & underwear clearance sale. 


Why should you buy their sale? 


First of all, you’ll be able to find their amazing pieces with up to 60% off. They have a great selection of bras and underwear available. But you might be wondering why you should really invest in this sale right? What makes Cosmolle’s underwear and bras different than any other underwear brand? 

First of all, they have to make sure that their products are really comfortable. They will feel like a second skin to you. Their textile of choice is collagen polyamide yarn. These are biomimetic fibers.  These have a coating of collagen that is unique and permanent. 

To be able to create this buttery soft luxurious fabric, they get recycled fish scales from many fisheries, then they purify these scales and transform them into this textile. Then the collagen-infused yarn will be weaved into the fabric to finally be 3D printed. They do this to assure energy efficiency and smoother lines. 



Their 3D printing technology glues the inner and outer fabrics carefully and gives them the right thickness according to what is needed. This makes their products extremely breathable, preventing any rashes. This technology also produces minimal waste and is energy efficient. All of this makes them a sustainable and eco-friendly brand. 


Their bras have fixed cups so you don’t need to adjust them constantly, they are also 40% lighter than others in the market and also will keep their shape even after 100 washes. And finally, they also provide skin care. They’ll provide amino acids, antioxidants, and collagen too, reducing the signs of aging, improving the elasticity of the skin, and keeping your skin hydrated too. 

Thanks to all of this there are no seams which makes them most comfortable wireless bra. Do you need any more reasons to take advantage of this sale? 



What bra styles can you find?

There are many bra styles that you can find during the sale. You won’t have to worry about just finding one type and different colors. You’ll really be able to find many options that you can not only wear as your day-to-day bras but also as tops, yes, they can be a main part of your outfits too. 


They have a few collections like the Fancy Summer, So Obsessed, Wire-free, Cozy, Everyday, and AirWear ones. Their Fancy summer collection has a crossover ribbed bralette, as well as a ribbed one-shoulder bralette and a strapless one. 

The So Obsessed collection includes a wireless lace racerback bralette and a cross-back bralette. The wire-free collection only has a wire-free support plunge bra. Their Cozy collection includes a lace floral wireless bra and an anti-slip strapless push-up bra. 


And finally, their Everyday collection has a Comfort Wireless Bra and a wireless contour bra. While their AirWear collection includes a wireless 3D enhance bra and a comfort revolution sports bra. 

All of these amazing bras come in many different colors, so you don’t only have to choose from the classic white or black or nude colors and they also come in an inclusive size range, so everyone is allowed to enjoy the comfort these amazing bras provide. 

As mentioned before, some of these styles can be worn as tops to create your favorite outfits and they’re great to wear under any other amazing and sexy tops or dresses, basically any occasion.