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Dope Nation Hints At Introducing A New Sound Called ‘Ghanapiano’



In the dynamic world of music, artistes constantly seek to redefine genres and create unique sounds that resonate with audiences globally. Renowned Ghanaian musical duo, Dope Nation,  have disclosed  that they are working on a new sound called ‘Ghanapiano’ which they will include in their music.

The ‘Zenabu’ hitmakers in a candid interview with Berla Mundi on TV3 Newday said that they have already tried the sound on  their hit  song, ‘Gboza’.

“It actually started with ‘Gboza’. If you listen to it, there are elements of Hammer’s tunes in there. We are trying to churn a new sound called ‘Ghanapiano,” the twin brothers noted.


Asked if the revelation of the new sound would not spark any form of controversy and the like, the crooners stated that “This is not to fight anyone’s intellectual property. We are just trying to give credence to everybody and at the same time, bring a new sound.”

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The musical duo to a greater extent detailed the reason why the choice of name had Ghana in it even though it has amapiano. In the words of the singer, “The reason why it’s Ghana is that we are taking old and new sounds from the Ghanaian culture musically and we merge it on the piano. If you listen to ‘Gboza’, you’ll hear these elements on the piano.; that’s why we churn the name, ‘Ghanapiano’,”

‘‘Ghanapiano’ is a fusion of the popular South African amapiano together with Ghanaian culture. Due to the huge role the South African sound plays in the turn-out of the new sound, the amazing duo learnt the craft and incorporated it into their project, ” they continued.


The award winning singers made this statement to  address people who are o f the view that they just upped and decided to go about a new project they do not have expertise on.  The emphasized that “We didn’t just up one day and come up with the term. We have friends who are producers in South Africa that actually opened their doors to us. We saw how they made their beats, learnt their elements and decided to make this type of sound. If you realize, you can hear the amapiano instruments but it is a Ghanaian sound.”

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