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Equipment you need to start as a DJ



By far, the most confusing and nerve-wracking aspect of starting your DJ-ing journey is the equipment you need to get to start out. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have the very best equipment and you certainly don’t need every single thing that you see in the store or online in order for you to be a successful DJ.


This article will help you out and tell you what equipment you should have as a beginner. We’ll discuss equipment depending on the type of setup you want to have; computer-based, controller-based, or turntables. This equipment, and other DJ equipment ,will enable you to get started on your journey and learn as much as you can in the shortest time possible.

So, without further ado, let’s go!


Before we tell you what equipment you should have as a beginner, you first need to figure out your budget and how much you’re able to spend on equipment. This article will tell you the basics, but when it comes to the choice of brand and model, there are endless possibilities in the market. 

Once you have your budget decided, you need to figure out what setup you want to have in place. If you’re just looking to make beats and upload them onto a streaming service like SoundCloud, then you don’t need anything more than a computer really. If you’re going to be DJ-ing live at concert venues or house parties, then you might want to get something that’s a little more elaborate.


This is the simplest setup you could have. All you need is a computer or laptop, and DJ software. You could opt for many of the free software available online or invest in professional software like ‘Reason’ or ‘Studio One’. 


When you’re in a live event, adding different sound effects, like fading, or mixing using a laptop is not very easy. This is where controllers come in and you can set your controllers to control different effects and cue different tracks. The simplest of controllers will connect to your laptop via USB cable

There is a wide range of controllers available in the market depending on the number of buttons, the functionality, and adaptability to different systems. The more varied a controller is in its function the more expensive it will be.


Turntables are old school! You get a hands-on feeling that just can’t be replicated using computers and controllers. The complexity of controls and shifting of vinyl is a feeling which DJs tend to crave once they’ve gotten used to it. The biggest drawback with turntable setups is the amount of money involved. Turntables themselves cost a significant amount of money and they’re mainly to set up tracks and switch between them. You also need to spend on mixers from brands like Pioneer DJ and Hercules DJ, and accessories like Tetrad or Technics turntable cartridges.

We hope the above gives you an idea of where to start off. If you want to check out different equipment, compare prices, and read reviews, then check out this DJ equipment review site.