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Facts and Myths About Psychic Reading



20Many of us spend time wondering about the future. We wonder what will happen to us and our loved ones. We spend time pondering about what could be. We wonder if we’ll be happy and prosperous. Some people resort to psychics to help give them a glimpse into their futures. They see them as a non-biased third party who can give them the answers they need. They may need direction or just need some confirmation that they’re on the right path in life.   Fortune telling and psychics have increased in popularity. Many people get psychic readings from a variety of sources. You can read more online about the different kinds of services that are available. You can also find out about pricing and read customer reviews.   Here are some common facts and myths about psychic reading:

Myth #1

All psychics are con artists. While there have been cases of some disreputable psychics that have surfaced in recent years, not all psychics are con artists. There are many reputable psychics with proven track records. They are able to tap into insights that is usually not available to the general public.   They work to address their clients’ concerns and many of them have been known to offer discounts or refunds for customers who are unsatisfied with their psychic readings. They have an ethical code of conduct and want to provide the best possible customer service. They also have been known to turn away people who are highly suggestible, as this may come across as taking advantage of them.

Myth #2

Psychic readers only give bad news. This is not true at all. Some predictions can be negative, and others can be very positive. It all depends on the information they are tapping into and what they see. There’s no way for them to know beforehand whether or not a reading will give their client good news or bad news. They would like all readings to be positive, because that leads to more satisfied customers and more repeat business, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. They generally avoid giving them bad news if at all possible.

Myth #3

Psychics are always able to read your mind. While some psychic readers are easily able to read your mind, the subject generally has to be open to the experience and be actively willing to participate. They can’t get a reading from someone who is closed-minded or refuses to participate, no matter how much they may be goaded or provoked into providing the customer into telling them things that they want to know.

Myth #4

Psychics can put or remove curses on people. This is another common misconception. Psychics are not magicians or sorcerers. They don’t have mystical powers, and they definitely can’t put a curse on someone or remove a curse from someone. They can’t turn someone into a toad or some other animal, and they don’t grant wishes, either. They are there to predict your future and help give you guidance.

Myth #5

Psychics shouldn’t charge for their services, because their readings are a natural talent. Psychics have the right to earn a living at their specialty, just like any other worker in any other profession. They have bills and other financial obligations just like anyone else, so it’s perfectly acceptable for them to be paid for their services. Some may see their services as a gift to the world, but that doesn’t mean such gifts need to be free to the general public.

Fact #1

Psychics are hardly ever little old ladies with crystal balls that you find at a carnival. This stereotype is something that you’ve probably seen on television or in the movies at some point in your life. There are a few people who dress for this part, but they are often the exception to the rule. Most psychics are normal people and are just like anyone else.

Fact #2

Credible psychics have never conduct cold readings. Most established psychics would never dare to attempt a cold reading on a customer. Despite its popularity in recent years, this tactic has been widely regarded as fraudulent. It’s seen as something that’s done just for theatrical effect.

Fact #3

Most psychics aren’t psychic all the time. Once a psychic, always a psychic doesn’t ring true. It’s not a skill that they are born with. Remember, psychics are human just like the rest of us. They aren’t always able to tap into their abilities and deliver a reading. It takes years of practice and effort for them to become adept at what they do. They constantly have to work on their skills so that they can become better every day.

Fact #4

Psychics are NOT paranormal. Psychics are not in communication with the dead. They aren’t able to tap into spiritual energies and they do not conduct seances. They don’t talk to ghosts or spend their time in cemeteries talking with long lost souls. If you want these services, you’re better off going somewhere else, like an occultist or someone who specializes in paranormal activity. Psychics are just as normal as anyone else.

Fact #5

Psychics are not all-knowing about the past, present and future. Every psychic reader has different skills and abilities. It’s impossible for them to know everything that there is to know about a customer’s past, present or future. The future can be especially difficult, because so much is unknown and it can change so rapidly. All a psychic reader can do is tap into their abilities and give the best and most accurate reading that they can.   These are just some of the more popular misconceptions and truths about psychic readings. There is a lot of misinformation out there, so take some time to do your homework carefully before consulting a psychic for a reading. They may not always tell you what you want to hear, but sometimes that can be a blessing in disguise. Most readings are generally positive and can provide guidance for your later years. Even if it’s not what you expected, a good psychic reading can point you towards a path in life that leads to years of happiness and success for you and the ones you love.  ]]>


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5 Ways to Get More YouTube Views



103650797 104484361307612 86944260437147939 n

Promolta shares the 5 best ways to get more views on your YouTube videos. If you follow these tips, your videos will gain more traction. (more…)

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IMG 20220701 WA0018

The mantle of leadership transcends from one generation to another successive one which builds a large prospects of development in our various institutions, organizations and perhaps countries. (more…)

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Crazy online gaming Wins: Biggest in the world!



istockphoto 837141266 640x640 1

The online gaming and esports industry has boomed in recent years, with millions of individuals taking part in these games worldwide.

With such explosive growth, there have consequently been a number of substantial prize purses, made all the more fascinating due to their sheer magnitude. Similarly, staggering winnings are sometimes seen by online gamblers, too. For example,’BetMGM Awards Over $800K’ was recently in the news in one lucky US state.

While we can’t tell you how to get lucky when gambling or gaming online, we are going to show you some of the biggest wins from online gaming. 

How do Gamers Win Money? 

Below, we’re going to show you how gamers have made money by winning some of the most prestigious online gaming tournaments in the world. But, there are other ways these professional gamers make money


Some have paid sponsorships and partnerships with gaming companies, computer brands, and even global giant drinks manufacturers like Red Bull and Mountain Dew. 


Others are paid salaries from the teams or leagues they belong to – it really is just like any other sport in this regard. 

1. Fortnite World Cup (2019) – $30.4 million 

photo 1587095951604 b9d924a3fda0

It’s no secret that Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world right now, and the first-ever Fortnite World Cup is also one of the highest-ever online gaming wins.

In 2019, over $30 million was awarded to the winning players – the winning solo player, Kyle Giersdorf, took home $3 million, while David W and Emil Pedersen split $3 million between them as the top-ranking duo. 


Winning contests isn’t the only way players earn from Fortnite, though. It also has a huge following on Twitch, with many gamers making a decent amount of money from live-streaming their gameplay to their adoring fans. 


Fans have to pay to subscribe to their favorite channels, and there are often different tiers available for those who wish to show more support. So, for someone streaming a popular game such as Fortnite, this is a great way to make a steady income. 

2. Honor of Kings World Championship Cup (2021) – $7.7 million 

photo 1558008258 3256797b43f3

Last year’s Honor of Kings tournament, the World Championship Cup, was hosted in Beijing. Twelve teams of the best Honor of Kings players entered the contest, with the winning team ultimately taking home a cool $7.7 million between them. 


The battle was closely fought between two teams, Gank Gaming and QG Happy, with the latter eventually coming in the number-one spot and claiming the colossal prize. 


The tournament is going to be even bigger in 2022, with a prize pool of $10 million for the winning team. It’s expected that 16 teams will take part in this year’s event. 

3. Call of Duty League Championship (2020) – $4.6 million 

photo 1553492206 f609eddc33dd


Call of Duty has been popular for almost two decades – fans were playing the series long before online gaming and esports became big. But, it’s only more recently that players have been able to make considerable sums of money from playing their favorite first-person shooter. 


Call of Duty is so popular it’s not just one event but an entire league dedicated to it! At the end of the League, Dallas Empire won the Championship event and netted themselves the tidy sum of $1.5 million. 


4. The International 10 (2020) – $40 million 

Dota 2’s annual championship event in 2020 was the biggest of its kind to date, and one of the biggest ever online gaming wins ever. With a total prize fund of $40 million, it’s no surprise that the 16 teams who entered fought so fiercely to emerge victorious. 


After various rounds and stages, Team Spirit from Russia netted themselves over $18 million to share between them. The tournament was held in Bucharest, Romania, at the Arena Naţională. 

Final Thoughts

Aren’t esports exciting? It’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and it has only just begun to hit its stride. So, expect the prize funds given out at these tournaments to grow year on year. 


If you keep practicing your favorite game, maybe you too could one day join the likes of these players and teams above and become a multi-millionaire overnight. 

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Itel Ghana Donates Library and School Items worth GHC40,000 to Ayikai Dablo M/A school



Itel Ghana Donates Library and School Items worth GHC40000 to Ayikai Dablo MA school6

Itel Ghana this Friday 24th June 2022  embarked on yet another corporate social responsibility project themed “ itel Wandering Library Project” in the Ayikai Doblo M/A Basic School. (more…)

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African-centric video games leap forward



Picture 1

The number of gamers has skyrocketed in Africa, going from 77 million in 2015 to over 185 million by the end of 2021. Driven by ever-improving Internet access and the increasing affordability of smartphones, mobile gaming is leading the way. Estimations project that nearly 95% of African gamers use mobile devices. With 650 million smartphones in circulation, the mobile gaming market is even expected to grow at an annual 12%. And as gaming booms across the continent, so thrives the demand for games made in Africa. (more…)

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Best small business ideas to promote online



fee4bee small business ideas img1

If you have a passion for doing something but are lacking the capital you may be wondering how to start a small business with little money. Well, you are not alone. There are thousands of people just like you who are looking for the best ways to make money. The internet is a great resource for finding your clients. On the platforms like, you can use your skills and expertise to start your own small business and offer your services to sell a product online.

First, you must decide on your small business idea. Before choosing an idea, be sure to get some input from friends and family members. Often, they can help you come up with ideas that will help you earn money while still having a great time. And don’t forget to have fun while working! It’s very important to find a business idea that you can enjoy.

Starting a small business in Сanada

You have decided that starting a small business in Canada is the right choice for you. While it might seem like an overwhelming task, it does not have to be. You can start your own business while working your current job and still have time to devote to your new venture. Start by developing a business plan, which will outline your goals, milestones and success measures. Some of the most important parts of a business plan include the objective of the business, the market position, the competitive landscape, financials, and target market information. Before submitting your plan, you should know the differences between the various business structures that are available in Canada.

A winning business idea is essential to starting a small business. When creating your business plan, focus on the latest technologies and trends, and fill a gap in your local industry. You should also consider the needs and interests of potential customers to ensure that you have a profitable business. 

Small business ideas for little money

There are countless small business ideas for little money out there, but which one is right for you? While money is always a motivation to get started, there’s more to the idea than just making money. To find the right idea for you, bounce it off of friends and family to get their feedback. Also, don’t be afraid to have fun while you’re working! Listed below are some of the most popular small businesses:

  • Handyperson. One of the best small business ideas to start is to provide a service. Although this may not be the most passive form of self-employment, it is a viable choice if you have specific skills and time that others would be willing to pay for. Such businesses can range from home repairs to building construction. To be a handyman you don’t need a large amount of capital to get started.
  • Furniture assembling. If you know how to assemble Ikea furniture, you can start a profitable business. As the popularity of Ikea furniture grows, you can expand the service to other areas. Who knows maybe someday you grow into a full furniture factory.
  • The pet industry is also ripe for small business ideas. From grooming services to dog walking services there are countless opportunities. Dog walking is a common service, and you can set a schedule for walks and charge a flat rate. You can also offer pet boarding services if you are interested in earning extra money. 
  • Video content making. If you want to run a small business, you can opt for video production. Video content is popular across various social media platforms and on the internet. Whether you wish to produce videos for your own business or for clients, you can learn the skills of cutting, editing and shooting videos. Even if you do not have any previous experience in video production, there are many online courses that will teach you the skills.
  • If you’ve recently quit your job and still have the expertise to offer, you can turn that knowledge into a business. Consulting services, for example, are in high demand, with a $263.5 billion market expected by 2022. You can turn your knowledge and experience into a business by filling a need in the market. Many consultants are needed across different industries, and they charge for their services.

These small business ideas are a great source of extra cash, and they’ll also give you a sense of independence. So, start today. Don’t wait until your next paycheck is coming in – invest in yourself and your small business idea today.fee4bee small business ideas img2

How to promote small businesses online?

There are many cost-effective ways to promote small businesses online. Two models of promoting your business online include your own website promotion and cooperation with grand marketplaces.

Not for all the local businesses you need a business website. You have to build high-quality landing pages on your site and budget for large expenses so that the website generates income. 

If you don’t have the time or the budget to do this yourself, you can consider alternative ways to promote online. Social media presence and services marketplaces are great places to list your business for free. These sites are often well-known with high search engine rankings. Listed businesses tend to get local customers. Profiles on these marketplaces don’t take long to set up and can help you promote your business to nearby customers. 

Reviews are another way to get local customers to try your business. Word-of-mouth can be very powerful for your small business. Getting customer feedback on services platforms is the best. This way, potential customers can read what others have to say about your business and decide if it is the one for them.

Another free way to promote your business is through social media. Tik-tok, Instagram, and Pinterest are among the most popular social media sites. Make sure to include your contact information on your page, and create useful and engaging content to attract users. These platforms are great for local businesses because they can promote their products and services 24/7.

Using video on your social media is a great way to reach a wide audience for free. Also, you can use hashtags and contests to increase your exposure. Update your profile regularly. And don’t forget to follow your competitors, too. These social media sites are a great way to reach local customers.


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