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Gel Blaster Unveils the Gel Blaster Portal: Revolutionizing Play by Bringing Real World Video Games to Outdoor Play



Gel Blaster, the market leader in water ball blasters, today announced the launch of the Gel Blaster Portal, a cutting-edge wireless Smart Target System that creates the first real-life video game adventure at home.  The portal brings together physical activity and app-driven gameplay to create a brand new way for the gaming generation to connect outdoors.

The Gel Blaster Portal’s cutting-edge hit-sensing technology connects real world blaster play with a suite of online games and challenges. Users can practice accuracy, play one of the many built-in games, choose single- or multiplayer game modes, or wirelessly network multiple Portal targets together for the ultimate backyard blaster tag game. With dynamic LED lighting, wireless app connectivity, and USB-C charging, Portal is the ultimate in blaster play for teens, adults and families to get active together.


Portal’s app-driven functionality opens up a new world of competition – allowing users to compete with friends for a high score and to wirelessly network multiple Portals. With multiple targets in multiple places, players can unlock more complex and interesting gaming modes to expand the gameplay possibilities. This groundbreaking feature raises blaster play to a whole new level of excitement and makes the fun and challenge of real-world videogames accessible in your own backyard.

Gel Blaster Portal is more than a toy. It is an engaging and entertaining tool that promotes physical and mental well-being through social sports. Play is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and by embracing the Gel Blaster Portal, individuals can experience the fun of blaster play while connecting and interacting with friends and family.


“We believe that play is important for physical and mental health. With the Gel Blaster Portal, we aim to bring people together and offer them a unique and engaging experience,” said Colin Guinn, Gel Blaster CEO. “The Portal represents a significant leap forward in blaster play, gamifying the blasting category and opening up new avenues of excitement and competition. We invite everyone to join us in this groundbreaking adventure and discover the endless possibilities of the Gel Blaster Portal.”

The Gel Blaster Portal will be available for purchase online at and through authorized retailers nationwide. For more information about the Gel Blaster Portal and Gel Blaster’s innovative products, please visit

About Gel Blaster: Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Gel Blaster Inc. is the original and leading water ball blasting brand and is the fastest growing toy company in the US according to NPD. The company has sold more than 2 million blasters since their launch on Kickstarter in 2020 and is available at more than 10,000 retailers nationwide. Gel Blaster came about when founders Colin Guinn and Christie Woods were looking for fun, modern activities to get their kids off their devices and playing outside. As a driving force in the social sports movement, Gel Blaster is getting teens, adults and families back in touch with play in order to live more active and connected lives. Gel Blaster has one guiding principle – Go play. For more information, visit

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