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GH Hunk for July, Nana Yaw Gyasi-Adonten gets pampered at Aloette Africa

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GH Hunk for July, Nana Yaw Gyasi-Adonten gets pampered at Aloette Africa

23-year old Nana Yaw Ampon Gyasi-Adonten, our winner of GH Hunk for July has paid a visit to Africa, where he was treated to an invigorating full-body massage, as part of his winning package.

Aloette Africa provides beauty and health services for both men and women including facials, body massages and treatments in addition it the renowned Aloette skin products, which help save the skin from wrinkling and ageing quickly.

Nana Yaw started his basic and junior secondary education at Cosmos School before heading to Opoku Ware for senior secondary education. He is currently a practicing architect from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

According to Nana Yaw, July is the 7th month and 7 stand for perfection. His life ambition is to be a great architect and also enter into football coaching. “I entered the GH Hunk contested because I wanted to test myself among the best. It’s a great feeling”, he said.

Body stats:

Height- 6ft

Weight – 73kg

What makes me hunk

For me being sexy is being well trimmed and nice. My abs and stature make me a hunk

Tips on how to be sexy or stay sexy

Eating the right meals


Not sleeping immediately after meals

Avoiding late night eating as much as possible

Drinking a lot of water and also walking.

Relationship status


What I find attractive in a partner

Her stature

A day in my life

Mostly at work

My workout plan

I do pushups in the morning and abs training in the evenings. I train mostly on weekends

My diet plan

Not really. I actually eat a lot.

Funniest comment about my body?

Flexed my abs sometime ago and one guy asked ‘ how come you have such a flat and ripped belly, you no dey chop?

If you could have a plastic surgery what would it be?

I wouldn’t

My biggest asset


My sense of style

‘Someway bi’

Trendiest fashion accessories of the moment

Ring, chain, caps

5 fashion items I cannot live without

Don’t have any fashion item I cannot live without

Shoes or sandals?




Body Piercing?


African clothing or Western clothing?


Favourite colour of clothing?


Favourite fragrance/perfume?


Favorite food?

Fufu and goat soup

Boxers or briefs?


Casual or formal?


Roll-on deodorant or spray?


Razor or shaving machine?


Beer or Vodka?


Skinny or Baggy jeans?

Skinny jeans

Cocoa butter or Vaseline?


Beads or Chains?




Aloette Africa

Accra: Behind the Osu Post Office

Accra, Ghana

Get Directions

Call 057 599 0417

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