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Ghanaian content creators you need to know



As the world continues its rapid migration to digital, a select group of people continues to make the journey fun for a variety of audiences, with their contents.

Content creators are people who contribute information to any media, most especially to digital media. They target specific end-users or audiences in specific contexts such as blogs, news, image, video, audio, social media updates, and other related content.

From sharing information such as what do to think about as you age, as shared on this website, to how to get the most out of SunPan products, there is no limit to what content we can create or enjoy!

However, before you can create compelling and high converting content, there are some basics to understand, regarding the role of a content creator. Yes, content creation is not for everyone. Content creation, as an activity, an art form and a professional pursuit is a niche that requires you to be organized and creative, analytical and associative, disciplined and diverse.

Becoming a good and successful content creator doesn’t happen overnight. It is fair to say that you can be a good content creator and not become successful at it; and you can also be successful at it without being that great!

To become a good and successful content creator it is ideal to: read news about your industry every day, write on the regular, study your industry’s audience, establish your own voice, curate other people’s content (when it makes sense to), understand your KPIs, network at every opportunity, offer solutions, not just commentary; and question everything!

Around the world, digital content creators are amongst the most discussed phenomenon. Brands search for them, ready to pay for all sorts of promotions. They are not bloggers anymore but not celebrities yet either. They usually have beautiful pictures with thousands of likes and comments on Instagram, or have hugely popular channels on YouTube with millions of views. They teach their audience how to dress, how to do makeup, how and where to travel, or simply make them laugh with their skits and sense of humour.

The content creation culture in Ghana has a combination of unique attributes as well as a lot of what happens elsewhere around the world. Some individuals have emerged with substantial content and audience, in a variety of formats and platforms. From amazing content on Tiktok to YouTube, Instagram and more, it is clear that video contents are on the rise in Ghana.  Here are some Ghanaian video content creators to keep an eye on.

Ameyaw TV

In 2018, popular Ghanaian blogger, Ameyaw Debrah launched Ameyaw TV, a channel for various web video formats. After holding auditions for several talented and young aspiring TV presenters, Ameyaw TV rolled out production of various formats including news, events, panel discussions, interviews, reality TV, and more. Ameyaw TV also produces content for Ameyaw Debrah to use as an influencer for brands. From talking about Naked Winery in a virtual wine tasting to sharing tips on how to make money online, Ameyaw and his team are constantly thinking of creative ways to highlight Ghanaian and African lifestyles, pop culture, and more to the world.

Kwadwo Sheldon

Sheldon is a digital creator with the moniker, Content Nyame (Content God).  He is known for his political satires and unconventional take on issues. He creates humour on the issues of the day from football to music, and indeed all trends.

Kinorah Awini

If you love food, then you will certainly love how Kinorah Awini and her Telande World project African Food to the world. Kinorah Awini has successfully created a community of food lovers dedicated to changing the way African food is talked about and presented. Telande World videos are captivating and leave you hungry for more after you have watched them.

Laura and Lauretta

Twins, Laura and Lauretta are amongst the few Ghanaian content creators to successfully build a strong community on YouTube and Instagram around their passions, which include makeup, travel, and general lifestyle. They have also successfully built businesses around their influence including The Twin Store, selling makeup to fans and the general public. They have also held successful pop-up events on make-up, hair, and beauty.

Wode Maya

Wode Maya is a Vlogger who is on a mission to change negative narratives about Ghana and Africa. He has traveled widely across Africa, promoting positive stories about people doing amazing things, beautiful destinations, and more.  Maya gain notoriety when, as a Ghanaian student at the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), his video simply titled “Problems Black People Face In China” went viral. It was a recording of one of his bus commutes, on his phone, where the seat beside him remained empty while numerous Chinese passengers decided to stand instead.

Jackline Mensah

19-year-old Senior High School student, Jackline Mensah is one of Ghana’s most hilarious TikTok users.  In just over a year, she has become a phenomenon with her art, constantly putting laughter on the faces of Ghanaians home and abroad. She picks on the politics of the day, trends, and reenacts various scenarios that leave her views in stitches.

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