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dacrowOne of Ghana’s music guru’s, Felix Lambert known in music circles as Dagaow has in an interview thrown some shots at his colleague musicians cautioning them to put an end to the hypocritical act of always pretending to love each other whiles their hearts tells differnt stories.

The musician in an interview with flex newspaper lamented that, it is worrying how hatred in the industry keeps pulling down the creativity of individuals and yet, musicians especially the A-LIST artistes will always pretend to have the kingdom of God being established on their hearts when performing together on stage but, it’s a different game when they go back stage, an act he sees devastating and retards the growth of the industry.

” It is funny especially among and between the A- LIST artistes and the unpopular acts. Lets look at at it from the big artistes point of view, everybody wants to be known as the boss and rule over everybody. Though it is very good for us to be competitive, we always forget that, together we stand and divided we fall and you will always fall alone when you are up there alone”.

“In this industry,one will need the help of another to excel, just a mere phone call by a fellow colleague can do you the magic to even winning a BET award. It doesn’t matter what the person does or who he is but what do we see today? selfish and greed has been the order of the day where a musician will rather die than to create that link for his fellow musician to excel”.

He continued to narrate that, most of the musicians are very good at acting to love each other when performimg on stage but, it is rather funny how they treat each other when they go back stage;

“When we are back stage, it is different thing all together, we come on stage we jump and hug each other but inwardly, it always looks like competing with people from different planet, everybody will be at his or her corner trying to show flex to his or her colleague artistes. Talk to an artiste back stage and they will behave like they have never met or seen you before, even if you don’t know me, the mere fact of me trying to socialise with you should only tell you to be nice to me or give me some possitive responds”.


“When i was in U.K during one of my international performances, it was amazing how artistes related to each other back stage. After an artiste is done performing and comes back stage, all the artistes will go to him to congratulate him or her not caring much of your race or where you are coming from, this makes you feel at home. Why can’t we do same in Ghana?” He asked.

The musician cum journalist again added that, some of the A-LIST artistes don’t want to associate or have anything to do with the unpopular artistes;

“When an A-LIST artiste is on stage performing, he would want to perform all of his songs not considering an opportunity to some of the unpopular ones to shine. Meanwhile, this big artiste have been on that platform on several occassions and might not need that particular stage for anything, it is our wish to see some of these big acts come to us and encourage or motivate us that we are on the right course but it is never so in this industry”.

“How amazing will it be for Shatta Wale to join me on stage whiiles performing just for his fans to associate with me. This behaviour is affecting our industry and it is evident in Stonebwoy’s current BET nomination awards, how many artistes have come out openely to congratulate him on his nomination? One thing we should know as a country is that, Stonebwoy is no longer for himself but representing the entire country. I know many artistes who are making it big now have in one way or the other been through some challenges where they were denied help when needed most and hence, they still have that bitterness in them which always deters them from helping others which shouldn’t be so. The fact that you have been through it all doesn’t mean you should allow others go through same ordeal whiles you have what it takes to help them, having your name being mentioned by another artiste for being the force behind his or her success is on its own a big plus than the artiste thanking you with cars etc”.

Dagaow also mentioned Guru as one musician who is much concerned about the well being of the underground;


“One name that needs to be mentioned and commended is musician Guru. When Guru released his LAPAZ TOYOTA hit single, he featured two unnpopular artistes, it was the same Guru who brought Singlet and Mac Wonder out. I don’t know which year Guru will release a single without featuring an underground and we encourage other big musicians to do same” he had stated.

He again mentioned Shatta Wale as one who haven’t done much as far as supporting the underground is concerned;

“Shatta Wale is one musician who haven’t done much to support the underground artistes, had it not been his recent signing of these joint 77 guys, who has   hehelped? If Shatta Wale out of every three songs he does will feature even one unpopular artistes, imagine the number of musicians who will owe their celebrity life to him( Shatta Wale) but no, he is rather doing the opposite.

Dagaow is current out with his latest banger ‘CHECK POINT’ and features Zeal of VVIP fame. The song which was produced by Ronnie Turn Me Up is an Afro-pop tune is which already making all the necessary waves there is to make on the internet. Music aficionados have adjudged the song as one of the best timeless songs ever to be recorded.

The singer and composer of the song Dagaow aside his smoothing voice has been in the industry for the past ten years and hence, he is always on top of whatever he does as for as music is concerned, the video however is ready and will soon be shown on various television network.


Follow him on this social media platforms;



TWITTER: Dagaow. ]]>



UBA RED TV’s ‘When Are We Getting Married’ Returns for Season 2



UBA RED TV's 'When Are We Getting Married' Returns for Season 2

The highly anticipated second season of the web series, ‘When Are We Getting Married,’ has made its debut this month of love. Viewers can enjoy the show on the official Red TV YouTube page.

Launched in 2023, the series explores the complex challenges encountered by young Africans navigating the dating scenes. Lead characters Edith, portrayed by Immaculata Oko Kasum, and Fenwa, played by Ric Hassani, return to face the realities of marriage.

In the official trailer for season two, Edith faces opposition from Fenwa’s disapproving family, while Fenwa struggles to recover from a life-threatening accident.

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Produced by Ife Olujuyigbe and directed by Orire Nwani in collaboration with Film Trybe, the creators of Egun and RedTV, the series promises to captivate audiences with its engaging narrative and relatable themes.


Featuring a stellar cast including Ronke Oshodi, Obehi Aburime, Pelumi Buari, Martha Ehiome, Patrick Doyle, Adekunle Olopade, Neo Akpofure, and Vee Iye, viewers can anticipate a gripping portrayal of the complexities of love and commitment.
With hearts on the line, Episode 2 of ‘When Are We Getting Married’ is set to deliver an exciting experience as drama unfolds, tensions escalate, and unexpected twists take center stage.

Don’t miss out on the series. Catch it here:

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Matthew Ansah Releases New Single “AMEN Anthem”



IMG 20240220 WA0022

Ghanaian Gospel artiste Matthew Ansah has released a new single, “Amen Anthem,” a worship song that promises to resonate with audiences seeking spiritual inspiration and true communion with God.

AMEN Anthem is on all digital platforms:

Matthew Ansah’s “Amen Anthem” is slated for release on 23rd February 2024, and it’s the first song to be outdoored on the recently live-recorded “Mahanaim” album. This marks a significant chapter in the artiste’s musical journey. The announcement was made via his official social media platforms, generating anticipation among his growing fan base.
Produced by Emmanuel Djokoto, “Amen Anthem” will be on all major Digital Music Platforms. The song creates a spiritual atmosphere for fellowship with God in worship and adoration. It is a simple yet captivating song that offers an intimate and uplifting worship experience.

In his statement about the upcoming release, Matthew Ansah expressed his excitement and urged the public to embrace all his spirit-filled songs and spread the word. “As you join me in sharing this song, you become part of a greater purpose, which is to spread love, communion, and the celebration of God’s goodness,” he remarked.

The management team representing Matthew Ansah under the Cross Records label conveyed their enthusiasm, emphasizing that “Amen Anthem” is a testament to the artiste’s unwavering commitment to gospel music and his mission to inspire and uplift others through his musical expressions. This release comes after a long break since his first album was released in 2011.

The multifaceted Matthew Ansah is a renowned Marketing and Communications Consultant who’s managed several brands and large-scale projects in Africa and beyond. He has also for the past 10 years been widely known as a favorite MC for corporate and social events. He is currently the Team Lead for Lyme Haus, a leading Marketing & Communications firm in Ghana.

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South African R&B Sensation, Keamo, Tugs at Heartstrings with Debut Single and Music Video “Falling” Released on Valentine’s Day



Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 18.47.53

Today, on Valentine’s Day, R&B artist Keamo releases her much-anticipated single of the year, “Falling.” The soulful track, exploring the theme of unrequited love, comes with a visually captivating music video by Void Creative. Link to the audio –

“Falling” beautifully captures the universal struggle of unrequited love, with Keamo’s emotive vocals conveying raw emotions. The song snippet went viral, creating immense anticipation ahead of today’s release. 

Void Creative’s visually enchanting music video enhances the auditory experience, adding another layer to this heartfelt R&B piece. 



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Akwaboah Releases special Valentine gift for fans




Highlife sensation Akwaboah has released what he calls a special Valentine gift for his fans and music lovers – the official music video for ‘Asikyire’ featuring Sarkodie, a track on his recent Lighthouse Album.

This is the second music video since the much anticipated album was released in November 2023, and the fourth overall music video off the Lighthouse Album. Akwaboah previously released music videos for other songs on the album such as ‘My darling’, ‘Try Me’ and ‘Letter to my Spouse’.

According to the artist, releasing this video for Valentine is his way of appeasing fans for cancelling the annual Shades of Love concert this year. The concert happens annually on the 14th of February. 

The artist is coming off a busy Christmas season with various performances including the Lighthouse concert organized at +233 on 16th December 2023.

The classic looking music video for ‘Asikyire’ was directed by Big OJ Films who has worked on several top notch videos for artists in Ghana and worldwide.

Lighthouse album is the most recent project for Akwaboah since he produced the critically acclaimed “Mary” album for Sarkodie in 2015 and followed with his own ‘Matters of the Heart’ Album in 2018 and the Lighthouse EP in 2021. All of these projects were well received and Akwaboah intends to show growth as an artist on this new project.

Akwaboah is set to begin a tour of Europe this February 2024 with stops in Italy and Germany in the coming days.

Lighthouse album is available via the following link

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Clarion Clarkewoode releases video for “I Will Rise”



Clarion Clarkewoode I will rise CD Artwork

UK-based Ghanaian musician, Clarion Clarkewoode has released a music video for his song, “I Will Rise”.

This song, an original composition by Clarion Clarkewoode, was born out of a vision he had of a person with a great destiny striving to break free from inhibitions, influences and forces that prevent them from rising.

According to him, it is not just a nice song with beautiful harmonies and euphonious melodies; it is not just a confession or a profession of faith, neither is it just a wish or desire, but it is more of a positive provocation and a call to action.

Clarion Clarkewoode is of the believe his song will unsettle your equilibrium, shake off your complacency, and awaken and unleash the giant in you to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

“The song has the power to transform minds and set people free from mental slavery and emotional captivity into true freedom,” he said.

This inspirational music video contains powerful imagery and captivating performances that will inspire people not to settle for less than they can become.

Watch video here

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Zlatan begins the year with a banger: ‘Bust Down’ featuring Asake



IMG 3831

The luminary himself, Zlatan Ibile, has unleashed his inaugural sonic masterpiece of the year, ‘Bust Down’, which is poised to be a chart-dominating sensation. Zlatan, in a stroke of genius, features electrifying talents of Nigeria’s sensation, Asake. Stream here:

‘Bust Down’ has been created for one purpose: to elevate your mood. It is the kind of song that will make you shake your body gracefully and rhythmically. Also, the thoughtfulness in the song is striking because it motivates everyone that their heart desires will come into fruition.

Therefore, prepare to be ensnared in the magic that is quintessentially Zlatan and Asake. ‘Bust Down’ is not just a song; it’s an addiction waiting to happen. Get ready to press that repeat button until your eardrums plead for mercy, because this musical alchemy is designed to be on a perpetual loop of infectious beats.

Connect with Zlatan on social media:

Instagram: zlatan_ibile
Twitter: @Zlatan_Ibile
Facebook: Zlatan Ibile

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