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I never wrote about the so-called ex-girlfriend of Criss Waddle, who allegedly attempted to take her life when the rapper did not return her love. However the 19-year old aspiring actress (yes, aspiring actress, no wonder she needs all the attention….hahaha) has opened a can of worms that seems rather interesting! According to Rick. I. Kotey Jnr of Empire102.7Fm, Mary (as she prefers to be known) was spotted in the company of bubbly friends in Takoradi over the weekend letting their hair down. During an interview on Empire Entertainment Review with Kwame Offei, she refuted claims by Criss Waddle that she was a mere friend and a groupie. “We were actually dating. He posted that picture with the caption – I said I’m taken but she still said she loves see the reaction of his fans before introducing me to the public; because he wanted to do a lot for me” Further revelations somewhat proved her supposed suicide attempt following the public backlash was staged; as her accompanying friend revealed she faked the “suicide attempt” by pouring ketchup on herself and at the scene to get his ex’s compassion. There was even more telltales about her life after Criss Waddle as Mary opened up to having had flings with the likes of Yaa Pono, Shatta Wale, among many others.]]>