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Here We Go! Josh Laryea says he is disappointed in Sonnie Badu



josh laryeaNewsOne reports that award-winning gospel musician, Rev. Josh Laryea, has join a host of musicians who have expressed disappointment at Sonnie Badu’s comments that Ghanaian gospel musicians do not make sense. Rev. Laryea who is popularly known as “Tseataa’ stated on Sunny FM that information privy to him made it feel as though the UK-based Ghanaian gospel star considered himself as the only professional in the gospel industry which “does not auger well for the general good of the industry.” “Sonnie Badu is one person that honestly has decided that he wants to get it right and for me I can’t take that one from him. But anytime you want to get it right, you beat other people down to get to the top, that is where my problem is,” Rev. Laryea said. The ‘Emere’ singer added that he admires the fact that Sonnie Badu was trying hard to climb up the ladder but climbing it would be worthless if the young singer was unable to pull the ones down there along. “I think that anytime you are going up, all of us should look at the general outlook because if you are up there and all of us are down then you are nothing, No matter how strong you think you are, if all of us are up there, then it gives credence to you being up there.” Earlier this year, veteran gospel musician Kwaku Gyasi called on Sonnie Agyeman Badu, to eat humble pie and apologies to Ghanaian gospel musicians for the “demeaning statement he made about local gospel music content.” Watch Sonnie Badu clear the misconception about what he said below: ]]>