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Hot Gossip: Naeto C celebrates birthday in Ghana and ends up with a hefty ‘bitch-slap’



A few days after coming under criticism for his attack on Nigerian fans that were less than impressed with his performance in the Nigerian All-star cypher aired during the international broadcast of the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards, Naeto C reportedly calmed off in Ghana by celebrating his birthday in Accra over the weekend.

According to reports, the Nigerian rapper held a private party at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra, last Saturday. Although much has not been posted on his usually active Twitter page about the party or his visit to Ghana, sources say Naeto C had a fun party.

Meanwhile according to other sources, the rapper’s stay in Ghana almost ended up on a sour note when he was reportedly slapped by a lady at a different  birthday party at the Arabella Estates in Labone, the following Sunday. Though the details are not clear, it is believed that a female guest at party, in pursuit of an acting role, was asked by movie producer, Abdul Salam Mumini to pick up the character of an angry lover who finds her boyfriend with another girl at a party. Apparently the girl didn’t know Naeto C and neither did she know that actors don’t slap each other that hard in movies. According the sources, the scene generated chaos at the party as Naeto C and his friends wanted to retaliate.