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I understand the FDA but they can’t stop us from doing any kind of business- Wendy Shay



Rufftown Records signee, Wendy Shay has stated that although she has come to understand the reason behind The Food and Drugs Authority’s ( FDA) decision to ban celebrities from advertising alcoholic beverages, she will pursue business offers from alcoholic companies.

According to the “Emergency” singer, advertising is a business venture for celebrities hence, the need for them to be allowed to pursue them.

Wendy Shay was speaking to Ameyaw TV in an exclusive interview about her infamous brawl with the FDA a couple of months ago when she made this known.

“I do understand, but I heard there’s a law too that says that you can’t stop anybody from doing any kind of business. I mean that thing is still hanging . I haven’t made up my mind to stop it . if ther should be a deal I’m not going to sit back and say okay because whatever, I’m still going to push it and see the outcome but right now it is hanging. Because I understand why they are doing it but I feel like you cannot stop people from doing their businesses. That is also another avenue or a good place we can make money,” she explained.

When asked if she wasn’t worried about the young fans that are looking up to her she answered,

“Every body knows it is from 18 and above and every responsible….the kids see the billboards..they see everything. I’m definitely going to educate my fans who are underaged..they will know that they are not supposed to drink these kinds of things.”

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