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La Cocina Mexica, home of Mexican cuisine in Accra



My biggest experience with Mexican food was when I visited Austin, Texas in the United States for the South-by-South West (SXSW) festival in 2019.  In my three-day stay in Austin, I had a whole lot of tacos and observed the similarities between Ghanaian and Mexican food, especially in terms of the ingredients. Corn, beans and chilies, feature a lot in many Mexican dishes, although they are used in different ways from what we have in Ghana.


On 6th March, Independence Day, I had the opportunity of experiencing brunch at the La Cocina Mexicana, in East Legon.  I immediately fell in love with the colourful space, from the furnishing to the graffiti on the walls. It looks playful, yet relaxing. Its open space nature also makes you feel free in some way.


It was also reassuring to see the covid-19 protocols in place. For the first time, I ate in a restaurant in gloves.


And now the food….I was spoilt for choice with a buffet ranging from gorditas to sopes, flautas and rice & beans. My favorite was the fried corn tortilla filled with beef; and of course the sweet corn with chilies just struck a chord with me.


I also enjoyed the cocktails. It was just what I needed to cool off the heat. Check out my experience and give La Cocina Mexica a try for yourself


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