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Let’s Learn about Boykin Spaniels, Which Evolved from Hunters to Loyal House Pets!



Boykin Spaniels

Knowing about dogs’ personalities and backgrounds is always good whether you want to adopt or buy one. It allows you to care for your pup and bond with him well. For example, some pet owners prefer the Boykin Spaniel breed for its friendly nature, versatility, and more. They look cute in their medium, chocolaty-colored bodies. You can be surprised to see their ability to efficiently move on land and water. They catch their game enthusiastically and intelligently. Families like them because they are incredibly affectionate and loyal. Anyone can fall in love with their pleasing personality, whether sleeping or hunting in the field.

Have you seen Boykin Spaniel puppies? That’s the reason you want to know more about them. So, let’s begin.

  1. The background of the Boykin Spaniel dog breed

Also called South Carolina’s Little Brown Dog, these furry friends have a fascinating history of their existence or evolution. These spirited hunters are fond of waterfowl and share a strong connection with the 20th-century South Carolina. In the early 20th century, there was a wayward pup called Dumpy, adopted by someone called Alexander White in Spartanburg around 1900. After getting home, the dog displayed its natural retrieving talent. White had a hunting partner, Lemuel Whitaker Boykin. He sent the dog to him because Boykin was an expert in training dogs to hunt waterfowl. Under Boykin’s guidance, the dog’s innate abilities became refined, and eventually, it led to the breeding and development of the Boykin Spaniel. 

The breed focused mainly on catching ducks and wild turkeys in South Carolina’s Wateree River Swamp. The task could be handled only by spirited and compact-sized dogs, good on land and water. Consequently, The Boykin became every local hunter’s favorite. Because of their medium size, the dogs were also easy to carry in the small boats. Hence, they were considered a complete package for hunting in the area. During the mid-20th century, the Boykins were already famous. It led to The Boykin Spaniel Society’s founding, which nurtured their heritage and unique characteristics. The society helped promote their American connection and distinctive traits.

Over time, the Boykins’ hunting roots have diversified, transforming them from lovable hunters to adorable house dogs. They are also recognized as therapy dogs. These furry friends can participate in sports. In 2009, The American Kennel Club (AKC) approved this breed. Nevertheless, one can now easily relate them to South Carolina. The state made it the official dog breed in 1985. 

  1. Boykin Spaniel features

Males can be 15.5 to 18 inches high, while females are usually 14 to 16.5 inches tall. The male dogs weigh around 30 to 40 pounds, and females tend to be a little lighter, with their weight falling from 25 to 35 pounds. The pups come with a sturdy body and bulky frame. They are strong and agile. These breeds typically have longer bodies for height, making them appear rectangular. However, these furry companions have perfect body weight and are not too heavy or light. You can find your pup’s coat attractive for its curly or wavy appearance and medium length. Talking about the body color, the most acceptable form is reddish brown, ranging from light to dark chocolate. Some can look light-colored due to sun bleaching. 

Their skull looks slightly flat and broad on the top, reducing in frame towards the eyes. The skull size is perfect for their medium body frame. When you look at a Boykin Spaniel puppy, you will notice a sign of endearing mischief, intelligence, and eagerness in them. All these make them more endearing and friendly than other breeds. They’ve got almond-shaped eyes of brown or amber color. If you look closely, those eyes exhibit their keen senses, warmth, and vigilant behavior. The ears can appear gentle and feathered due to the coat of wavy hair. However, these are not upright. They hang down and swing. Their straight nose bone defines their retriever strength. The broad nose matches their body shade with prominent nostrils that enable them to smell. 


Understanding the features of their tails can be more helpful, though. After all, it represents their mood and spirit. The tail can be 3 to 5 inches long, attached slightly lower in the back. The pup’s tail will be horizontal or higher above the back when moving or alert. The gentle tail looks mesmerizing when waves because of the slight feathering effect on the dense coat.

  1. Potential health challenges of a Boykin Spaniel

It’s like inviting a bundle of enthusiasm, affection, intelligence, and energy into your house. However, considering its health requirements is crucial so you know your responsibilities toward the little furry friend. Overall, these dogs are healthy and robust due to their resilient constitution. But they are also vulnerable to certain medical conditions like other breeds. Knowing their health risks will allow you to collaborate efficiently with vets and breeders to improve their well-being. As such, these buddies live for 10 to 15 years. Proper care, including medical attention and diet, can increase their lifespan. Without this, they can be susceptible to some of the following setbacks:

  • Eye Conditions: Eyelid abnormalities, cataracts, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) are some of the disorders they can face.
  • Skin Allergies: Some can be prone to dermatitis due to environmental triggers.
  • Cardiovascular Ailment: Cases like Pulmonic Stenosis and some other congenital heart defects are also possible to witness.
  • Elbow & Hip Dysplasia: They can face joint problems, leading to arthritis or lameness due to severity. The condition is called hip dysplasia if the hip joints are affected due to heredity.
  • Exercise-induced collapse (EIC): It’s a genetic problem triggered by excessive exercise. The disease can make your pet’s limbs weak. They can lose muscles and collapse, too.
  1. Caring for a Boykin Spaniel

You can divide this into three parts: diet, exercise, and training. However, get a hint of your pup’s personality first. These dogs are usually cheerful and pleasant. While alertness and intelligence come from their deep-rooted hunting practice, they are more known for their affectionate demeanor. As a new pet owner, you can be happy to bring a Boykin pup home for its ability to respond to positive reinforcements pleasingly. However, these canines don’t like harsh treatment or lengthy separation. They want to be in the company of humans. You must deal with them patiently and kindly. Your connection with your puppy will be intimate and emotionally enriched if you succeed. Thankfully, these dogs enjoy socialization. So, it becomes easy to have them even in a multi-pet house. Their gentle nature is also suitable for kids, but supervising their interactions is always a good idea.

All these traits hint at what one should do to keep them healthy and engaged. Still, get some idea about the three essential parts of their lifestyle.

  1. Food & nutrition

The diet should be modified based on your pet’s age, activities, weight, and health conditions. These energetic little friends thrive on a nutrient-rich formula. Pet owners must feed them frequently, breaking down meals into smaller portions for easy digestion. As they grow big, their metabolic rate will be hit. At that time, they need dog food for adults. The proportions should be maintained per their weight. Suppose you give dry food to your pet daily. An adult Boykin would require 1.5 to 2.5 cups of it. Again, quantity can be adjusted based on their metabolism and activity. However, please avoid overfeeding. Also, only dog treats should be given, and no other treats. For proper diet guidance, you can consult a pet nutritionist or vet. 

  1. Training

Agility and eagerness make them easy to train. You already know they were trained hunters. Hence, you can expect them to pick up human commands better. But it doesn’t imply one should aim for overnight success. It’s an ongoing process requiring patience and persistence. Positive reinforcements work best for them. These dogs usually bark to alert owners about someone’s arrival. They can showcase the same behavior when bored. You can train them from an early age to alleviate such instinctive tendencies. Because they are intelligent, you may need the support of agility training, puzzle toys, and others to manage them. Early training can also make them socialize well with other wildlife, helping them overcome their predatory instincts. Also, keep them on a leash during walks.

  1. Exercise

Physical activities like walks, playtime in the protected yard, and fetching games can be good. After exercising, they need some rest and cuddling. You can engage them in swimming, ball chasing, and dog sports. Ensure they do everything in proportion, particularly in hot weather.

Do you want to own a young Boykin Spaniel? Those living in small apartments can also bring one home if the pup has enough room for exercising. You can take them outdoors for mental stimulation and the use of energy. Their grooming demands are also simple. Occasional nail trimming, bathing, ear cleaning, and brushing are integral. You would want to pay extra attention to their health during excess heat or cold periods. Everything will be sorted if you adequately address the critical aspects of these little furry wonders.

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WATCH: How Britain Got Talent Judge, Alesha Dixon surprised Sarah Kittoe on TV



Screenshot 2024 04 12 at 22.22.56

Britain is Got Talent celebrity judge Alesha Dixon gave 11-year-old British-Ghanaian author of four books, Sarah Kittoe a pleasant surprise when she sent a video message to Sarah during a live interview on SkyNews TV in the UK.

Sarah was on the UK Tonight Show on SkyNews to talk about her fourth book, Ama and The Lost Key, which was inspired by her maiden trip to Ghana in 2023.

Before Alesha’s video message was played, Sarah had mentioned the celebrity musician and author as one of her two favourite authors, stating that Alesha’s book series, Lightening Girl was an inspiration to her because that was the first book in which she saw a character looking like her (Sarah), with an afro and puffy hair do.

In the video message, Alesha congratulated Sarah on her fourth book on all the good work she was doing, donating to two charities in the UK and refurbishing a library for a school in Ghana.


“I read your story in the newspaper and it was very touching – it is because of people like you that I do what I do and hearing your stories validates that and motivates me to keep going,” she said.

Alesha said her dream is to inspire the next generation and for that, she was thrilled that her book – Lightening Girl, inspired Sarah to dream and do great things, because “that was the intention of that book.”

“I am sending you all the love and all the luck in the world. I hope to meet you in person one day…” then she left her with a kiss.

Throughout the period Alesha’s video was playing, Sarah had a dropped jaw in complete surprise. But later told the show host that she had hoped that people like Alesha was going to watch the show and see, and for that she was very grateful that her prayer has been answered.

Sarah then signed copies of her books to be presented to Alesha Dixon.


Sarah dad, Albert Kittoe, who was also on the show, said he is particularly surprised by his daughters choice to donate all the proceeds of her book to charity at the young age, adding however that he believes Sarah took the inspiration from their family value where they donate to charity every Christmas.

“I saw the joy on her face any time we went our to donate food and other items to homeless people during Christmas, and I believe that is where she took the inspiration from,” he said.

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Explore Instagram Latest Updates For Better Engagement



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To maximize interaction and remain relevant in the ever-changing world of social media, you must keep ahead of the curve. Instagram is constantly evolving as a medium for interaction, creativity, and community development, thanks to its rapid upgrades and improvements. If you want to make the most of Instagram’s engagement strategy, you need to stay up-to-date on all the newest improvements, from new features to algorithm tweaks. Learn about Instagram’s newest features and how to use them to your advantage for more audience engagement in this post.


The Latest on Reels: Embracing Condensed Video


Reels has further strengthened Instagram’s focus on short-form video content. Users may use this function to make and find intriguing music videos, much like on TikTok. You can display your ideas in short, engaging clips, reach more people, and capitalize on hot themes by using Reels. Try using Reels to spice up your content strategy and produce more captivating one word captions for Instagram for your viewers organically.



Instagram Tutorials: Putting Together Collections of High-Quality Content


Users may compile and share helpful content compilations, such as Instagram Guides, which can include everything from product suggestions to travel ideas and educational resources. Anyone from brands to influencers to educators may benefit from Guides because of the flexible structure they provide for arranging and displaying information in an attractive and user-friendly way. To encourage participation and establish credibility, make guides that speak to your audience’s interests while offering helpful advice.


Real-Time Environments: Enabling Engaging Broadcasts


Instagram’s Live Rooms feature enables collaborative broadcasting between up to four users, allowing for lively, engaging discussions. Live Rooms allow instantaneous audience participation and interaction, making them ideal for question-and-answer sessions, interviews, and panel discussions. Use Live Rooms to connect with your audience more personally, answer questions, and give insightful commentary while fostering community participation.



Updates to Algorithms: Making Relevance and Authenticity Our Top Priorities


Instagram’s algorithm is always improving to give more weight to real, relevant, and interesting content. Make sure to prioritize producing top-notch content that speaks to your audience’s interests and preferences if you want to increase exposure and engagement. Signal to the algorithm that your material is worthwhile and deserves to be prioritized in users’ feeds by using relevant hashtags, engaging with popular topics, and encouraging meaningful interactions with your audience.


Story Updates: Bringing New Interactivity

tunahan gunkan G8ayKNelgks unsplash



The latest Instagram Stories update included interactive features like polls, quizzes, and countdown stickers, further solidifying the app’s status as a popular and successful tool for promoting interaction. Use these interactive features to get people involved, get their thoughts, and start discussions. If you want to create content people can’t stop talking about, you must include interactive stories in your plan.


In summary


Keeping up with Instagram’s innovations and adding new features is crucial for keeping ahead of the competition and maximizing your audience engagement. Discovering Instagram’s newest features opens up a world of possibilities for expression, connection, and community development, from Reels—a platform for short-form video material—to Guides, a tool for collecting and organizing excellent content, and Live Rooms, a platform for promoting interactive broadcasts. By taking advantage of these developments and incorporating them into your engagement plan, you can better connect with your audience, create more meaningful conversations, and stand out on Instagram in the dynamic digital world.

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InnoVision Marketing Group Selected as Agency of Record For Beloved Tennessee-Based Restaurant, Buddy’s bar-b-q



innovision buddys
InnoVision Marketing Group, a San Diego-based full-service advertising agency, has been named agency of record for Buddy’s bar-b-q, an East Tenn. bar-b-q favorite among tourists and locals alike. Through this new partnership, InnoVision Marketing Group will collaborate closely with Buddy’s bar-b-q to develop a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy to assist in a rebranding campaign and its planned expansion throughout the southern U.S.
Buddy’s bar-b-q brand has been Knoxville’s go-to fast casual bar-b-q restaurant since 1972. They have a wide variety of bar-b-q menu options from slow-cooked pulled pork, chicken and beef to Smoky wings, Smoky dawgs, many delicious sides and regionally famous hush puppies and Hot Fudge Cake. With 19 locations in Tenn., Buddy’s bar-b-q is ready to enter new market segments in the surrounding states and showcase its incredibly successful franchise model.
Buddy’s customer base is generational. It’s not uncommon to see four generations of one family dining at one table. The brand has been woven into the fabric of the East Tennessee dining scene by consistently offering a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere where guests can dine comfortably. With a focus on southern hospitality and quality ingredients, Buddy’s offers a menu suited for the most discerning bar-b-q palate, as all the meats are hickory smoked daily at every location. To honor and support their mission of being a restaurant that better serves the community, they provide fresh, fast and delicious bar-b-q at tremendous value.
“We pride ourselves on being a third-generation family-owned restaurant that offers the comfort of dining in with the convenience of a drive-thru at all of our locations,” stated Mark Lemoncelli, Co-Owner & CEO of the Buddy’s Family of companies. “Our success for over fifty years has been based on having a tradition of fresh hickory smoked bar-b-q combined with fast, courteous and friendly service and offering generous portions of food at a reasonable price. We’re thrilled to join forces with InnoVision, confident that their distinct insights and deep expertise in the fast-casual dining sector will bolster Buddy’s bar-b-q, fortifying our brand and propelling us toward future expansion.”
InnoVision Marketing Group offers everything under the marketing umbrella, with all services performed in-house and tailors the pricing and scope of each client partnership based on what stage of growth the company is in. InnoVision represents brands in multiple categories, including airports, automotive, fast-casual dining, food & beverage, healthcare, QSR, soft drinks, retail, tribal government, economic development and nonprofits.
The San Diego-based agency will collaborate closely with the Buddy’s bar-b-q team to develop and execute a rebranding and comprehensive expansion strategy, including the oversight of all marketing services including branding, traditional advertising, digital media, public relations, social media and video production. Once the new brand and strategy are in place, the agency will launch a new creative campaign throughout the Knoxville-designated market area.
“It’s such a tremendous honor to represent Buddy’s bar-b-q; they’re a heritage brand in Knoxville, and their roots are deep in the community,” said Ric Militi, CEO & Executive Creative Director at InnoVision Marketing Group. “They represent tradition, family values and quality. And when it comes to southern bar-b-q, they are as authentic as it gets. It’s amazing to see the nostalgic emotion they evoke in their guests, which is understandable when you consider the generational span they have endured, and the fact that in this age of high prices, they still offer a quality dining experience at an unbelievable value, all in the same place.”
InnoVision’s portfolio and expertise in franchising marketing positions it as the ideal strategic partner to elevate Buddy’s bar-b-q’s objective and expand its reach. InnoVision Marketing Group has recently started providing the opportunity for global franchising to offer its clients the tools to succeed in the franchising and fast-casual industry. The agency currently represents three other fast-casual brands: Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders, Island Fin Poké Co. and Krak Boba.
For more information on Buddy’s bar-b-q, please visit To learn more about InnoVision Marketing Group, please click here or email
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Shadows and Charms: Exploring Superstitions Around the Globe



Garden Shadows Charms Bracelet 6142 1

Superstitions, those beliefs or practices often considered irrational or supernatural, vary widely across cultures and regions, offering fascinating insights into the fears and hopes of humanity. Around the world there are superstitions from avoiding black cats to the rituals for good luck, these beliefs, whether rooted in tradition, folklore, or collective experiences, continue to influence behavior and perspectives globally. This blog delves into some of the most intriguing superstitions from around the world, revealing the diversity and commonality of human thought and the power of the unseen in shaping our daily lives.

1. The Ominous Number 13: Western Fears and Beyond

In many Western cultures, the number 13 is synonymous with bad luck, a superstition that permeates various aspects of society. From the absence of the 13th floor in many buildings to the fear of Friday the 13th, this number carries a weight of historical and cultural significance.

  • Historical and Mythological Roots: The fear of the number 13, or triskaidekaphobia, has various potential origins, including the Last Supper, where Judas, the 13th guest, betrayed Jesus. Norse mythology also contributes, with the story of 12 gods having a dinner party, only for the uninvited 13th god, Loki, to cause chaos and death.
  • Cultural Impact and Manifestations: The avoidance of the number 13 is evident in architecture (skipping the 13th floor), travel (airlines omitting the 13th row), and dates (the dread of Friday the 13th). This superstition has led to real-world actions, from architectural designs to calendar fears, highlighting the tangible impact of intangible beliefs.

2. The Evil Eye: A Protective Fear Across Cultures

The belief in the evil eye, the idea that envy or malice can bring misfortune or injury through a malevolent gaze, is prevalent in various cultures, including Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and South Asian societies. This superstition transcends geographical boundaries, illustrating a universal concern over envy and malice.

  • Protection and Prevention: To counteract the evil eye, people use amulets, charms, or rituals. The nazar, a cobalt blue and white eye-shaped amulet, is commonly seen in Turkey, Greece, and the surrounding regions, worn or placed in homes to ward off bad luck and ill will.
  • Cultural Significance and Adaptations: The concept of the evil eye reflects deep-seated beliefs about the power of jealousy and the importance of social harmony. Rituals and talismans vary, from red strings in Kabbalistic tradition to mirrored decorations in Indian culture, each serving a protective function against the unseen forces of envy.

3. Knocking on Wood: A Universal Gesture for Good Luck

The practice of knocking on wood, or touching wood, to avoid tempting fate or to bring good luck, is a widespread superstition with variations seen in many cultures. This act is often performed after making a hopeful statement, to prevent bad luck from intercepting positive outcomes.

  • Origins and Evolution: The origin of this superstition might be linked to ancient pagan cultures that believed spirits or deities resided in trees. Knocking on wood was a way to acknowledge their presence and seek their protection or favor. Over time, this practice evolved into a gesture for luck and a ward against misfortune.
  • Global Presence and Interpretations: While predominantly found in Western cultures, similar practices exist worldwide. In Turkey, people knock on wood and then pull on one earlobe to further ensure good luck. In Brazil, “batendo na madeira” serves the same purpose, demonstrating the global nature of this superstitious action.

Superstitions, from the fear of the number 13, the protective measures against the evil eye, to the luck-invoking act of knocking on wood, highlight a fascinating aspect of human psychology and cultural expression. These beliefs, while often dismissed as irrational, play a significant role in the daily lives of many, offering comfort, creating community bonds, and influencing decisions. They represent a world where the unseen forces, whether feared or revered, continue to shape the human experience across time and geography. 


Continuing from the previous points on superstitions around the world, here are three more intriguing superstitions that highlight the diversity and richness of cultural beliefs globally:



4. Italy: The Curse of the Evil Eye (Malocchio)

In Italy, the belief in “Malocchio” (evil eye) is taken very seriously. It is thought that if someone looks at you with envy or ill will, they can curse you unintentionally. This superstition is so prevalent that there are rituals to diagnose and cure the evil eye.

  • Diagnosis and Cure: The ritual to determine if one has been afflicted involves dropping olive oil into a bowl of water. If the oil forms an eye shape, it confirms the presence of Malocchio. The cure often involves a prayer and the use of specific objects like red ribbons or horns (cornicello), which are thought to ward off bad luck and protect against the evil eye.
  • Cultural Impact and Adaptation: The fear of the evil eye has led to a variety of protective amulets and gestures, such as the “mano cornuta,” where the index and little fingers are extended to form a horn, warding off bad luck. This superstition reflects the Italian concern with envy and the power of malicious intent, influencing social interactions and personal adornments.

5. Japan: Nighttime Whistling Attracts Snakes and Spirits

In Japan, a country rich in folklore and spiritual beliefs, it is considered bad luck to whistle or play musical instruments at night. The superstition holds that these sounds can attract unwanted attention from snakes and malevolent spirits.

  • Historical and Cultural Background: The origin of this superstition dates back to times when villages were more susceptible to attacks and invasions. Nighttime noise was believed to summon dangerous creatures or signal to enemies. Over time, this belief evolved into the idea that whistling at night could call forth supernatural beings and misfortune.
  • Modern-Day Interpretation: While the fear of attracting snakes may be less of a concern in urban areas today, the superstition persists, often cautioning against creating disturbances that could upset the spiritual balance or invite bad luck into one’s life.

6. India: The Significance of the Nimbu-Mirchi Totem

In India, the “Nimbu-Mirchi” (lemon and chili) totem is a common sight, hanging in homes, vehicles, and businesses. This superstition is rooted in the ancient practice of “nazar utarna,” believed to ward off the evil eye and bring good luck.

  • Creation and Purpose: The totem is usually made of seven green chilies and one lemon, strung together and hung outside the doorway. It is believed to trap negative energy and protect the household or establishment from harmful influences and bad luck.
  • Cultural and Spiritual Beliefs: The choice of lemon and chili is significant; the sour taste of lemon and the hotness of chili are thought to deter evil spirits and negativity. This totem is replaced every week, typically on a Saturday, to maintain its protective potency.


These examples further illustrate the fascinating and varied nature of superstitions across different cultures. From the Italian concern with envy manifested through the evil eye, to the Japanese avoidance of nighttime whistling due to its potential to attract danger, and the Indian practice of using the Nimbu-Mirchi totem for protection, superstitions provide a window into the values, fears, and historical contexts of societies. They offer a rich tapestry of beliefs that continue to influence behavior, traditions, and cultural identity worldwide.

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Nana Kwame Bediako receives blessings from Chief Imam right after Eid, as he endorses his ambition for leadership as President of Ghana



Chief Imam lays his hands on Nana Kwame Bediako as he prays, giving him his blessings and guidance foe the journey he’s embarked on.
Chief Imam lays his hands on Nana Kwame Bediako as he prays, giving him his blessings and guidance foe the journey he’s embarked on.

Nana Kwame Bediako, leader of the emerging political movement, The New Force, is making waves in Ghanaian politics with a bold vision for change. On the significant day of Eid, Bediako made a notable gesture by paying a courtesy visit to the National Chief Imam at his private residence in Fadama, Accra. 

Symbolizing a significant intersection of politics and religion, the meeting highlighted Bediako’s commitment to engaging with diverse communities and in addition highlighted his long-standing friendship with chief imam and years of demonstrable commitment coupled with a strong and underlining interest in the social development the communities.