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WATCH: Life of the San (Bushmen) people, Africa’s oldest tribe in the world!



Life of the San (Bushmen) people, Africa's oldest tribe in the world!

A recent video by Ghanaian YouTuber, Wode Maya, has led me to discovering more on some of the oldest tribes in Africa.

It is a commonly held belief that human life evolved out of Africa millions of years ago. Many indigenous African tribes are direct descendants some of the earliest modern human (Homo sapiens) groups and have unique DNA markers. These tribes also have unique genetic features as well as languages that are not closely related to any others that exist today. Additionally, these tribes have been able to maintain their cultural traditions for thousands of years despite European colonization in nearby regions. Remarkably, all of the tribes on this list are still around and practicing their ancient traditions.

According to an article by Pamoja Preparatory Academy, here are the 7 oldest African tribes

7. Maasai
Age: over 3,000 years old
Location: southern Kenya and northern Tanzania
Current Total Population: about 900,000
Languages(s): Maa

The Maasai are one of the most internationally famous African tribes because they live near many of the country’s most popular national parks and reserves. The tribe is also known for its vibrant outfits and distinct customs. Observing and visiting the Maasai people is one of the most popular tourists attractions in Kenya.

According to Maasai oral tradition, the tribe originated north of Lake Turkana (north-west Kenya) in the lower Nile Valley. The Maasai began migrating south in the 15th century, but are believed to have existed as a distinct tribe for over 3,000 years. The tribe is also known for its warriors, who were feared during the Maasai’s height in the 19th century for throwing orinka (clubs) over 100 meters (328 feet).

6. Berbers
Age: over 10,000 years old
Location: North Africa, primarily in Algeria, northern Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, northern Niger, Tunisia, Libya, and part of western Egypt
Current Total Population: 20 – 30 million
Languages(s): Various Berber languages and Maghrebi Arabic dialects

The Berbers, who call themselves Amazigh, are the indigenous people of Northern Africa. There is evidence that the Berbers have existed in the Maghreb region of Africa (modern-day Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, and Mauritania) since the beginning of recorded history in the area. It is believed that modern Berbers are the descendants of the pre-Arab inhabitants of North Africa.

One of the earliest groups of Berbers were the Caspians, who lived in the region over 10,000 years ago during the Neolithic era. The Berbers, who were named by the Romans after the Latin word for barbarians (barbarus), are regularly referenced throughout Greek and Roman history. In many historical Greek texts, the Berbers were called Libyans and were the sole representation of Africa in Europe at the time. Today, the Berbers are a widely diverse group that reflect the various people and cultures that conquered their lands.

5. Sandawe
Age: over 87,000 years old
Location: Central Tanzania
Current Total Population: 60,000 in 2013
Languages(s): Sandawe

The Sandawe live in central Tanzania near another old African tribe, the Hadza. Like the Hadza, the Sandawe speak one of the few remaining click languages in Africa – the Sandawe click language is unrelated to the Hadza click language.

The Sandawe are descended from some of the first humans and shared a common ancestor with the San tribe, who are believed to be the oldest race in the world. Genetic research has revealed that the Sandawe have a variant gene for melanin, which affects skin color. Researchers have noted that the Sandawe are some of the lightest skinned indigenous African people and look similar to the San.

4. African Pygmies
Age: over 100,000
Location: Central Africa, primarily in the Congo Basin
Current Total Population: about 900,000 in 2016
Languages(s): Varies by specific tribe

African Pygmies are widely known around the world for their small stature and are not one tribe, but various smaller tribes that live in Central Africa. Like the other old African tribes on this list, the Pygmies are thought to be descended from some of the earliest groups of humans. Several current Pygmy tribes have DNA markers closely related to one of the oldest groups of human ancestors.

According to a study from 2015, Pygmies have a different pattern of growth than other humans, which accounts for their smaller size. Pygmies are born average sized, but grow slowly in early childhood. The study also showed that Pygmies’ short stature is genetic and not a result of their environment or malnutrition.

3. Hadza
Age: over 100,000 years old
Location: Tanzania
Current Total Population: 1,200 – 1,300
Languages(s): Hadza


Along with the San (Bushmen), the Hadza tribe of Hadzabe are believed to be some of the most ancient people in the world. The Hadza are also the last true hunter-gatherers and their lifestyle and traditions have been the same for over 10,000 years. The tribe doesn’t grow any crops or keep livestock, and they do not have any permanent shelters.

Like the San, the Hadza’s ancestors split off from other ancient groups early on in human history. The Hadza speak a click language that is unrelated to any other existing language on Earth, which provides more evidence of the tribe’s old age. The Hadza still live in their ancestral homeland in Tanzania, near an archaeological site where the oldest fossil evidence of early humans was found.

2. Nama
Age: 100,000 – 140,000
Location: southern Africa in Namibia and Botswana
Current Total Population: over 130,000
Languages(s): Nama, Afrikaans, and English

The Nama are the last true descendants of the Khoikhoi, who are closely related to the San. Collectively, the Khoikhoi and San are called the Khoisan and are often called the world’s first or oldest people. Like the San, the Nama share DNA with some of the oldest groups of humans.

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Today, very few pure Nama people exist because of intermarriage with other tribes and a smallpox outbreaks in the 18th century. The Nama are cattle farmers, a tradition which emerged when some San people acquired cattle stock over 2,300 years ago. This group started calling themselves the Khoikhoi to distinguish themselves from the rest of the Khoisan. The Nama are their remaining descendants.

1. San (Bushmen)
Age: 100,000 – 140,000 years old
Location: Southern Africa in countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and South Africa
Current Total Population: about 90,000
Languages(s): All languages of the Khoe, Kx’a, and Tuu language families

The San tribe has been living in Southern Africa for at least 30,000 years and they are believed to be not only the oldest African tribe, but quite possibly the world’s most ancient race. The San have the most diverse and distinct DNA than any other indigenous African group. This means the San are direct descendants one of the original ancestral human groups.



Nanky drops new ampiano song titled ‘No Devil’



Coming off the heat of several hit singles, Sultan Incorporated signee, Nanky isn’t yet satisfied and wouldn’t be quitting anytime soon as he injects another certified hit single; No Devil.

Over here on the West side of Africa, the Amapiano wave which emanated from the South all the way to the East of Africa is fast gaining grounds and making its way into the hearts of music lovers.

Hence, it wouldn’t be a complete endeavor if the gifted crooner, Nanky, doesn’t cement the process with his dope vocal skills and versatile flair as displayed on this tune.

Produced by the hitmaking music genius, Streetbeatz, the Amapiano infused instrumentation is just right for the message that No Devil carries.

The Cassette hitmaker is simply sounding a fair warning to all haters and enemies who wish to double-cross him on his level but he specifies that he is far gone and no devil can destroy his success.

This could quite be the story for every hustler out there striving to make ends meet and ascend the ladder of wealth!


Stream No Devil across all digital music platforms here –


Instagram: iamnanky
Twitter: @iamnanky
Facebook: Nanky

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New Music : DJ Neptune Ft. Patoranking – Gaza



Nigeria’s most sought disc jockey DJ NEPTUNE dishes new music titled “GAZA” featuring Afro Dancehall act Patoranking off his highly anticipated star studded project Greatness 2.0, this comes after the highly successful single “Music Messiah”.


With production from a major force of the new school Yung WillisPatoranking in his usual element delivering exceptional hippy flows whilst DJ Neptune ignites the synergy with his exceptional back ups and adlibs.


GAZA leads the park and gives an insight into what to expect in a few weeks from the music maestro who has kept the blazing the trails from the inception.

The Video was shot in Lagos and directed by Adasa Cookey for Square Ball Production.


Find Your Way To GAZA!!

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Ishak Spark talks about the reality of hustling in music video titled ‘Adwuma’



Multiple award-winning act, Ishak Spark has just blessed fans with jolting visuals for the latest entry dubbed, Adwuma.

It could be easily said that he is raising the bar for others in the field as his music videos keep raking up views on YouTube.

Ishak Spark is definitely here with a new street anthem for music lovers. He calls this one Adwuma. This new one was directed by Pic Plus.

The headline act for Spark Nation record label music video will either gross you out with enthusiasm for hard work or make you feel hungry for success.

Ishak Spark has songs such as Protect Me, In My Name and Nkomo stuck in many people’s minds.

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Ghanaian gospel musician, Gracee J has released new song christened Nyame So, to celebrate the greatness of God.



Nyame So, to wit, God is great and is above every other spiritual being and creature on earth as well as the spiritual realm.

Gracee got the inspration to compose this song during the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic when the whole world was in lockdown, “I was wondering why within a short time everything could come to a standstill no movement that is where I realized how great our God is.”

The song admonishes christians to use everything that is within their reach to proclaim the goodness and worship him as such.

Gracee believes that “He is omnipotent (all-knowing) reigning sovereign over all.Christ is the glory of God in the fullness of its radiance.”

The song was produced by Enoch Owuraku Kissi of E.O studios and the video directed by Flashbak Media, Macwillies.
Gracee j is a songwriter, composer, gospel musician, entrepreneur and a proud member the ICGC prayer temple North Legon.

She began her professional music carrier in 2013 with her maiden album titled, Eye Nadom and followed with her second album Wo Nkyen.

Aside her music, the gospel music diva also has a Gracee J Charity Foundation through which she takes care of the under previlage in the society especially those in the orphanage homes,


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Vanilla finally drops music video for ‘Sikilite’



Vanilla finally drops music video for 'Sikilite'

Vanilla (Vanny sings) — a gifted vocalist and versatile songwriter whose talent cuts across several music genres including Highlife and Afrobeats.

He aspires not to become just a global superstar and music great, but an ambassador to use his talent to help mitigate challenges faced
by minorities globally.

A Geomatic Engineering graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Vanilla grew up listening to Ghanaian music legends, Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba and Ofori Amponsah to name a few and loved their compositions.

Vanilla derives his inspiration from circumstances and happenings around to create and deliver a unique melodic sound.

“Music helps me be myself, it’s my reality. Things I can’t do in real life I do through music. Things I find difficult to say in real life I say through music. Even things I’m not, or wish I were, I’m simply able to live and be”

A former contestant of Ghana’s premier music talent reality show, Mentor, he is currently finalizing his maiden studio album produced by Kwesi Gideon a.k.a Genius Selection with rich and refreshing sounds from the motherland. He’s signed to Bullhaus Entertainment

It promises to take off quiet well in Ghana and the rest of Africa.


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KhidCole’s Newly Released “Naughty Style” Was Calibrated Specifically for the Dancefloor



Emerging Ghanaian Afro-fusion act Khidcole is ready to take the year by storm with his debut 2021 release “Naughty Style”.

Born Andrews Asante, Khidcole is a gifted Ghanaian singer and songwriter. Spending most of his impressionable years in Lagos, having been born in the Nigerian capital, the young artist’s culturally fluid sound is characterized by heavy Ghanaian and Nigerian influences.

He terms his music as Afro-fusion, a blend of Afrobeat with any urban music genre you can think of, fingering the likes of Wizkid, Mr. Eazi, Kelvyn Boy, Kwesi Arthur, Stonebwoy, Rema, Fireboydml as his biggest influences.

Produced by Rayn4ll, Naughty Style is an uptempo afrobeat anthem, calibrated specifically for the dancefloor.

Listen to “Naughty Style” here:

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