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Looking for the best sports betting tips in Ghana? Try Bettips Ghana!



Ghana has experience a sports betting boom in recent years. Across the continent, many of the big-name European based sportsbook companies have been setting up local services – and Ghana has attracted more interest than most thanks to having a sports crazy population willing and able to use online betting apps.

With dozens of sports betting sites now available in Ghana competition for customers is extremely high – which is great news for the punter who can take advantage of very generous sign-up and loyalty bonuses.

Bettips Ghana is a company with the sole aim of equipping sports bet enthusiasts with the right tools, data and information, carefully analysed football picks in other for sports fans to make the right and productive decisions before placing money on bets. Bettips Ghana through the use of algorithms helps keep you one step ahead and well informed in other to beat the game.

Through the use of beautiful visuals and picks in percentage forms, helps narrow down the best games for u to pick. With a very high accuracy rate of upto 80% .

Follow Bettips Ghana on social Twitter and Instagram @bettipsghana. Also visit the YouTube channel (bettipsghana) , to view short one minute videos explaining picks for the upcoming weekend games.


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