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Lynx Entertainment undergoes massive changes



After releasing the first single, ‘Changing Faces’ off his upcoming album and officially changing his showbiz name to Richie Mensah, the beat maker, composer, singer and producer formerly known simply as Richie, together with his ‘Lynx Family’ has announced a new direction for his popular Lynx Entertainment label. The Lynx Entertainment label has been rebranded as Lynx Ghana Limited. According to the singer, Lynx Entertainment which was established in 2006 principally as a record label had to be rebranded to reflect the various parts of the company into independent departments as well as add new innovations to existing ones. Under Lynx Ghana Limited umbrella, there is Lynx Entertainment; The record label which continues to recruit, produce, promote and market artists, Urban Records; A new record label which seeks to foster, harness, produce, promote and commercialize budding talent mainly in the hip hop genre of music, Lynx Studio; The sound recording studio which has and will continue to record songs for a wide array of artists. The studio also secures and produces radio advertisements as well as theme songs and background music for television commercials, Lynx Communication; The department which will produce content for radio and television. ‘Lynx TV’ which is the maiden program being worked on, will kick start the activities of this department and will be the launch pad from which many other programs will emerge and  Yaaro Initiative ;  A non-profit campaign which involves guiding the youth and offering them a realistic chance to achieve their goals. ]]>