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Mama Nhyira brings motivation, blessings and more to viewers online



The continuing state of social distancing born out of the global spread of the coronavirus, has meant looking for inspiration and motivation for most people, on a daily basis.

From spiritual motivation to general guidance on improving one’s self, Nhyira Baptist TV, a Christian television network in Ghana and the USA, has been doing just that.

With a growing audience on Facebook and YouTube, Prophetess Mrs. Jules Nhyira Wallace popularly known as Mama Nhyira has been leading the discussion on several important and spirit-lead conversations such as “Names and Spiritual Meanings”, “The Spiritual Meaning of Lockdown”, among others.

Nhyira Baptist TV is committed to sending the message of hope, salvation and the grace of Jesus Christ to the world. So make sure you tune in regularly to their broadcasts including The Hour of Motivation and The Hour of Blessings on Facebook and YouTube