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Model Behaviour: Gladys Assopiah



Gladys Assopiah is a beautiful Fante lady standing pretty at 5.4ft. Based in the UK, she is on Dynamite Models and Models Direct agencies.

Gladys found her passion for modeling as early as age 12 when her poses were captured by the lenses of family and friends. She was encouraged to pursue modeling and continues to draw inspiration from American supermodel, Tyra Banks.

Gladys hopes to explore glamour modeling more. She counts doing a photo shoot and writing an article on relationships for a teen magazine as one of the most fulfilling experiences in her young career as a model. She has also done some modeling with KKD, a hair magazine called Studio and Saloon, as well as some fashion shows.

She is a student, pursuing a BSc in Health Studies. On weekdays she goes to her university during the day, trains with her trainer in the evening; and on weekends, she is out clubbing and shopping. Gladys is a fond of social networking platforms such as Facebook and she has had a few jobs through the platform. According to her she gets “Will you marry me” and “you are the sexiest lady in the world” a lot from fans on Facebook.

Model Behaviour

Special diet: I don’t really have any special diet. I still eat my carbohydrate food and stuff and am still in shape. I guess am blessed (laughs out loud).

Fitness tip: Just make sure you work out and eat healthy.

Favourite Designer: My top designers are Dior, Gucci and Armani. I love N’kya design in UK.

Must-have accessories: Most of my accessories are from Aldo in London.

Casual or formal wear: I love casual because it makes me feel more natural and more free.

Thongs or full panties: I love French knickers it sexy.

Leather watch or metallic watch: I found leather nicer

Shoes or flip flops: I love flip flop especially when am in Ghana

Roll-on deodorant or spray: Well the spray works for as far as it doesn’t make me sweat.

Razor or waxing: Waxing is the best razor makes you get bumps even though waxing hurts.

Braids or perm: Perm is nice, my hair is perm anyway.

Natural hair
or extensions: Natural hair is nice. Even though my hair is long I sometimes have extension as I get bored with my own hair.

Make up or no-makeup: There are times that you would need make up, so I want both.

Tattoo or piercing: I love piercing but still thinking of getting a tattoo.

Beer or vodka: Beer makes your belly get big so I will go for vodka I love am shoot you know how we do at the club.

Condom or raw: Condom please people it protect you from STDs.

Cocoa butter or Vaseline: I love cocoa butter I get them from Ghana.

Beads or chains: I love the beads on my waist and wrist.

Nude photo shoot or covered up: As a model I love both nude and covered up. But it depends on what kind of nude though.

African print or western fabric: Definitely African print, I love them especially Woodin.

Favourite colour of clothing: Yellow

Favorite perfume: Stella McCarthy’s Pony, 212 for women, Britney Spears’ Fantasy and Midnight, Dior and others
Favourite food: Banku and tilapia