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More Reggae Dancehall Beef: Iwan says Samini is the biggest faker in the industry



iwanSo yesterday, i posted Samini’s new track (mixtape), ‘Pink Sheet’ which hit hard on some colleagues in the industry.  Reggae dacenhall artist, Iwan has responded to Samini saying: “Heard a track from Samini that says all Fakers shall fade away.. lol The Biggest FAKER in The Ghana Reggae/Dancehall Industry is Samini .. Every Real Dancehall Fan in GH Knows That .. The Biggest FAKER shall fade Away before all little fakers Follow .. As for REAL Artiste, We Leave it for the FANs to Recognise .. If Samini Wants, he should Confront Me, and I will Give Him Only three(3) out of a thousand(1000) Reasons, Why i Declare Him The Biggest FAKER .” Iwan posted the comment on his Facebook page. After receiving some insults on the page he continued: “Am Not Worried at all For all dis Unpleasant comments.. Coz the Truth is One.. and It hurts .. Its Like a Two Edge Sword .. Sharp like Dagga. May be You Should Start Asking Ur favourite Artiste Why I Declared Him Fake.. He is Fake and i say it without Apology .. since the fans request for the reasons why i said that,Then i Think Social Media would be Interesting today cos i will be Dropping the Reasons One By One on My Wall …If IWAN is around, Samini should not even Mention the word Real cos He knows Nothing About Being REAL ..Whatever hidden in the dark, Must Come to light.” Hmm, what at all is with these dancehall people and their beefs?]]>



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