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Music Spotlight: July presents ‘The Dreams Mixtape’



I go by the name July..Am just a young Wanna be with big dreams from Kwabenya, Accra-Ghana.
I rap and do a bit of singing too.
Though am often criticised by my peers about my style of Rap that it’s not very commercial in Ghana, I believe in myself and every word that I write down. Nothing is going to change that. I believe time to come I will become better and be able touch the world with these little rhymes.

Anyway The Dreams Mixtape was released on the 1st of July 2020 on Audiomack.
It’s a Mixtape of 15 Cover tracks.
The main idea behind the Mixtape is to talk about my life, experiences and personal ideologies.
The Mixtape also speaks on subjects such the talent of Youths not being supported by family because of the notion in Ghana that school is the only way one can succeed which is not entirely true.
I believe knowledge is what One really needs to be successful and school is just one of the means by which a person can attain it.
The Mixtape also speaks to motivates everyone to work hard towards whatever dream they have no matter the obstacles in their path.
Once it is something good and not evil then dont stop..

The Mixtape is inspired by one quote by July(me)