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Music Video: Chris Brown Featuring Nicki Minaj – Love More



X album (August 26th),  rapper Nicki Minaj and comedian Nick Swardson join Breezy for an visually stimulating club experience.  Chris, who directed the clip, tweeted, “While you guys kill yourself over bullshit ill keep directing stuff like this! Thx team breezy!!” In other Chris Brown news, the singer has been ordered to complete an additional 1,000 hours of community service based on the LA County DA’s findings that he falsified his community service reports last year. You’ll recall that the DA accused Breezy of violating his parole by submitting the false reports and they wanted him thrown in jail!  Luckily for Chris, the judge told him that as long as he completes the 1,000 hours, his probation will be reinstated and will officially end in August 2014. Although the singer was mum during his court appearance, he had a few choice words for haters on Twitter.  Shortly after the judge’s verdict, Chris tweeted a message to his haters, “#FWPT fuck what people think.”]]>


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