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QuataBakus Entertainment artiste, Quata Budukusu has released his brand new music video for “One Life to Live”, a single from his forthcoming “Quantum Album”. To view the video clip from the ladies favorite, visit his official YouTube channel, quatabudukusu.

After being out of the public for almost a decade, Quata is out with visuals from his single “One Life to Live” as a comeback. In the video, you will see Quata being himself and performing under the direction of Nana Asihene. The video is one of the best videos to hit the markets of Ghana as the director, Nana Asihene, transition Quata from one life to another level of life.

The song which was written years ago has emerged as one of the fans’ favorite. “One Life to Live” was directed by Award-Winning filmmaker, Nana Asihene of the NKACC fame. The energetic and up-tempo song fits the vibrant and fun colors of the video. The video is also inspired by the use of colors and interesting compositions as well as special effects. The song does however feature a bit of an edge and to accompany that, an open space was chosen to allow for more creativity and movement as seen in the video.

In the past, Quata has had quite a few storyline videos; videos that made people engage with the concept through questions and figuring them out. This video by far has less to figure out, and he opted to convey and communicate a feeling, rather than an explicit message.  “This video doesn’t tell an explicit story through storyline, but rather tells an implicit story through color and composition” (Quata, 2016).

“One Life to Live” showcases a great cast of performers and other choreographers all looking for their big star moment. With a simple story line, the video is filmed from various directions. First, a giant body builder is seen carrying the world on his back. Attention is then focused on Quata as a king. A sword wielding lady emerges and an enemy is seen spilling what looks like blood. Clad in white, Quata is finally seen pulling the enemy who is in shackles, which is an indication of victory.

People would have expected a musician who had been out for a while to look very bad in appearance, but, one can tell from the video, even though Quata was out of the music scene, he had something better going and he took very good care of himself. One cannot tell from his look whether he was just in Ghana or out of the country. His costume was on point likewise his personal appearance throughout the video. Quata looked great and with his colorful body arts, this video will be worth watching. One can tell he is back to stay in the game he started and to continue from where he left off.

In a phone interview with Quata, he stated that, even though he was out of the music scene for a while, he kept up with the modern trend as he was just taking a leave and he is now ready to take his rightful place. He emphasized that, the modern trend is a continuation of where he left off and he is not new to the trend and he is in no competition with anyone. He is willing to give off his best for his numerous fans as he is aware of what they want.  If you’re a lover of good music, then you have to listen to this song by watching the video.