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Music Video: Samini – Money Biz + Lyrics



Check out the new video from Samini, Money Biz

Intro: Money wea pree
Nia Odi na die di benkum na ejieooeei
Yey Yey
Gyalist ting

Ina Yankee we talk bout dollar
Stash ina we pocket and de gyal dem follow
Chine Indie white mix black collar
Fi de money gyal a wind like a propella

We wan de money ina trailor load
buy gyal everyting while we dey ah road
Bigg yard pun de hills just fi me alone
With a couple girls cus no one no really wanna be alone

Akuda clean or fraud money
Akuda weed or drug
Too rich fi go broke money
Hi speed nonestop money
Money money money

Chorus: We money busy every day wea hustle
Whether ina shine or rain
Whether car or train
Whether chopper or plane
Pun de fast lane
Nia Ode nadie de benkum naejiooeeii
Whether ina shine or rain
Whether ina car or train
Whether ina chopper or plane
Ina de fast lane
Nia ode nadie de benkum naejiooeeii

Badman keep it clean as a whistle
Sign language no whisper nor giggle
Every investment afi quadruple
Money playmaker and de rest get dribble

We stick to de fast lane rules
Third eye open so we no never get boozed
Street credibility we never loose
We no ride duty clean from top to shoes
Yout wan money by any means
System not working so we try any means
Burn informer and fry enemies
Beware of de shady style friend


Money fi we family
We keep a stash a cash fi we friend dem
Power to de getto yout
Keep up with your hustle and just push it thru

Busy paper chasing fi de wife and pikni
Keep it on da low cus Babylon dem a pree we
Swift pun digits
Too legit to quit
Cus we wan de money yeeeeei