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It is no secret that Mzbel supported the NDC during last year’s general elections, and she is a big sympathizer of the party. So after sleeping in dark like 70 percent of Ghana did on Wednesday night, the controversial singer decided to mock the ruling NPP over the nationwide power cut.

She made a series of posts on Facebook calling the situation ‘Kukrudumsor’ (a play on NPP’s slogan Kukrudu and Dumsor).

She first posted this:

“We all complained about Dumsor so why is it now a big deal to complain about Kukrudumsor? Abeg abi citizen not spectator! Everything is not about politics!!! Smh”.

After power was restored, she posted this:

“Chai finally there is light! Thank you ooo! Kukrudumsor…. we will be very very grateful when the tap also starts flowing ooo; no disrespect wai, God BRESS our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and SMALL” she said.