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Nubian Stunnaz to release new single with Kwabena Kwabena and Okyeame Kwame after hit single, ‘Pumpapa’



Often, artists undergo transformation as a result of growth and a change in direction of their craft, and Nubian Stunnaz represent exactly that. Formerly known simply as Stunnaz, the duo of Jay Metler and Kwame Speeches have undergone a transformation that sees a dimension to their music, looks and vision for their music. According to them,the name change was necessary because they are growing and believe that they need a name that would mean something to the people who listen or would listen to their music. “The Nubian stands for the African and the Stunnaz represent the vision that we have. Most of our songs now have African background to them, so when it goes international, people will love and appreciate it because it is something different,” they explained. The group has a single, ‘Pumpapa’  (SEE VIDEO) that is currently buzzing around Ghana and in cyberspace. Although often misconstrued to mean something sexual, the group explained that ‘Pumpapa’ is a term they came up with, that means vigor, zeal or vim. According to them, the term came from watching an old man making the local pestle for pounding Fufu. The term thus comes from the sound that the man makes and it represents the vigor that he uses to beat the trunk of wood into a pestle. ‘Pumpapa’ was produced by Genius Selection and has so far received tremendous response on the internet, and gradually enjoying rotations on radio and television. “People have been singing along and wanting to know the meaning, so it is getting much attention” adds the duo. Nubian Stunnaz also hinted that their album is done, with almost 18 tracks and still recording. They will we are releasing singles just to get the big bang before they release their album, titled ‘Successful’. The album, featuring productions from the likes of Genius Selection, Appietus and Richie will represent different kind of music including hiplife, hiphop, afropop etc. It also features several mainstream artists like Wutah, Kwabena Kwabena, Asem, Richie, Okyeame Kwame, Kesse and Sherifa Gunu. They hint further: “After ‘Pumpapa’, we will release ‘Tumtum’ featuring Okyeame Kwame, Kwabena Kwabena and Shee. The video is already done and will soon be released. After that we will release the title track, ‘Successful’ featuring Kesse and Sheriffa Gunu. We will release our album by close of the year.” According to the group, their management has a four year plan for Ghana and Nigeria and then another four year plan for Africa and the rest of the world at large. “So we are aiming for over 400 million Africans to hear about us in the next five years. This is not a dream, it a plan. We are working towards it and it is working now. When we get the listenership from Ghanaians, we will take it from there” they confidently explained.   (WATCH FULL INTERVIEW)]]>


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