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Paloma out, Munya and Jen up for eviction



Zambia’s Paloma became the 8th Housemate be evicted from the Big Brother All Stars house during Sunday night’s live Big Brother All Stars Eviction Show. Meanwhile Jen and Munya are up for eviction this week after Uti, as head of house replaced himself with Munya.

Namibian rapper Damara Dik Ding kicked off the show with his hit “Botswana” before IK gave viewers some insight into the week that was in the House – where the housemates spent a lot of time pondering nominations as alliances were stretched to breaking point – and the Barn, where Code arrived and Yacob and the chickens departed.

Then it was time to get down to business as IK asked Meryl to reveal how she had used her Head of House powers to influence the game. “I had to save myself – OK, sorry baby I love you (she said to Mwisho) – and I replaced myself with someone,” said Meryl. “There’s nothing personal, it had to be done – we all have to go at some point – so I replaced myself with Paloma.” The Zambian immediately headed upstairs with Munya, Meryl and Jennifer, who helped her pack.

After a short break, the results of this week’s viewer vote were delivered by the AlexanderForbes representative and IK delivered the continent’s verdict. “You are safe…. Mwisho. Paloma, you have been evicted. After hugging her housemates goodbye, she paused in the middle of the garden and shouted “Zambia”, saluting and thanking Africa.

When she joined him on stage, IK got right down to business. “Tell me – what happened between you and Jen last week?” he asked. “You know what, within the house, there’s a lot of pressure and I believe that Jen overstepped the limit and she got to me, but she’ll always be part of my life, I said this in the diary room, my loyalty remains to Jennifer and Kaone – Revolution all the way,” said Paloma.

IK probed further: “We’re kinda curious – what was it that upset you – was it the fact that she called you out on something she didn’t like or was it that she seemed to be getting close to Meryl?” “What I didn’t like about it – she didn’t call me out – it’s the way she put things across and yes, at a certain point the same people that she didn’t call her people were the people she became close to, so at a certain point that got to me,” said the Zambian. “So, as long as she sticks with her people, you would have been ok?” quizzed IK. “I guess so,” she said, “you don’t make promises you can’t fulfill”.

Ik then turned the focus to a different kind of relationship: “One big question – there was that night with you and Mwisho in the Jacuzzi…” he started, as she turned her back on IK. “No, no, no, you don’t get to run away from this question! You were stuck between Namibia and Zambia and you got all gangster on it, and then last night you were talking to him and you said to him ‘that girl behind you’ (referring to Meryl) “thinks I’m going to steal you from her. What’s going on?” “You know what,” she said, “I don’t feel anything for Mwisho. Mwisho is someone I respected, he was one of my fans [sic] when I watched Big Brother in his season and there will never be anything beyond that. What I don’t like is a man not being man enough to stand up for what he wants. Don’t go two ways – tell a woman what you want and you’ll get it, don’t beat about the bush or she’ll play on your mind”.

With a look at her highlights in the house out of the way, it was time for Paloma to deliver her own Dagger to the housemate of her choice. IK read out this week’s Dagger: “One housemate must clean all the carpets in the house every day for one week. This includes beating the carpets outside in the garden and vacuuming the bedroom every day. This dagger commences tomorrow – that housemate is…,” he said, turning to Paloma. She broke out into a wide grin: “Meryl – this is for you girl! Meryl – you’re going to have to clean those carpets and I want the house clean ‘coz I’ll be watching you every day. Love you!”

She also had to reveal her secret to the housemates, having managed to keep it safe and taking home US$1000 as a result. “Uti, you actually got my secret,” she said. “I once took some weed when I was in college.” “Go on,” said IK. “And I laughed my way out and ended up peeing on myself,” she said, as howls of laughter erupted in the House. “And that, little kids,” said IK, “is why you should never smoke weed!”

With Paloma ready to depart, IK asked what she had learnt from her second stint in the Big Brother house. “The second time – thanks to all of you and thanks to Africa for giving me a second time – thank you IK,” she said. “What I’ve learnt in life is never be scared to go face your demons – go there, face them, and I learnt that through the season, and what I learnt through you IK is that you’ll never appreciate life if you don’t target everything that you have, to experience it.”

“What would you do differently if you had a chance to do a 3rd Big Brother?” he asked her.  “I think there’ll be no 3rd big Brother for Paloma, it’s time to move on, I’ve faced what I thought I could not face I’ve reached this far – I never reached this far – and for me now it’s time to face other waters and another path in my life,” she said, before heading off the stage as Damara Dik Ding sprinted out to perform “Mwhaaa”.

Then it was time to see Paloma’s reaction to The Barn – which was laughter! “IK, I will get you for this!” she shouted. “I see a cow, I’m in a farmhouse – are you going to make me live here?” she asked. “I don’t know…” said IK cryptically. “Does it look comfortable enough to live in?” he asked. “Aaah – it’s part of Africa” she said, with a smile. “Ok, now where are my housemates?” she asked as she spotted the note the Barnmates had left her, while they sat inside quietly and waited for a good time to surprise her.

Apart from keeping their favourite housemate in the game, viewers also stand to win great prizes each week by simply voting. This week’s winner of US$1 000 was Detty Osagwere from Nigeria, while Assina Nasieu from Tanzania, picked up a DStv HD Decoder. This week, two Nokia hansets were up for grabs – the Nokia C3 went to Makeabetswe Letseka from Lesotho, while Ada Ogunlade from Nigeria won a Nokia N8.