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Preventing Split Ends on Your Hair



Split Ends on Your Hair

Your hair can be strong but it is susceptible to daily wear and tear. The oldest part of your hair shaft can become weaker and lose its protective layer. This can lead to hair splitting and expose the inner cortex.

Split ends can be caused by many factors. The most common are:

  • Chemical processing, such as perms or coloring
  • Heat treatments
  • Forcefully brush your hair

Split ends are a common problem, but there are many ways to prevent them from happening. Let’s take a look at what you can do.

Tips to prevent split ends

Split ends cannot be treated or repaired. If your hair ends become frayed or damaged, you can only remove them by cutting them.

Prevention is the key to healthy hair and avoiding split ends. Split ends can be avoided, but you may be able to limit the frequency of their appearance.

Let’s take a look at these techniques and tips that can help you prevent split ends.

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After washing your hair, be gentle

It’s easy to damage hair when it’s wet. Therefore, after shampooing and conditioning, you should take care of your hair gently.

People have a tendency to rub their hair with a towel. This can cause damage. Hair breakage can be caused by frequent rubbing. You can also cause hair breakage by rubbing your hair. This could lead to split ends and frizziness.

To avoid hair damage and breakage, instead of drying your hair with a comb, use a towel to dry it.

2. Get your hair detangled

It can be difficult to brush or comb hair that is tangled, wet or dry. Before styling, drying or brushing your hair, always detangle it.

A wide-toothed comb is recommended. A wider tooth allows the comb’s ability to glide smoothly through your hair without damaging or causing breakage.

3. Hydrate your hair

Split ends can also be prevented by keeping your hair moisturized. Dryness can weaken hair, particularly at the ends. This can lead to split ends.

A weekly hair masque can add moisture to your hair. A hair mask can be used to condition your hair and prevent it from drying out. The risk of hair damage can be reduced by using a mask, which results in softer, shinier hair.

A hair mask contains more products than an instant conditioner. The mask can stay on your hair longer, lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours, and even overnight.

You can either buy ready-made hair masks or make your own with ingredients such as:

  • coconut oil
  • aloe vera
  • honey
  • olive oil
  • bananas
  • avocado

4. Reduce the heat

Heating your hair with a heat source, especially daily, can dry it and alter the hair’s protein structure.

After washing your hair, allow it to air dry and style it with a flat iron, curling iron or blow-dryer if possible.

You can turn down the heat setting if you have to use heated appliances. To prevent heat damage, you can apply heat protector products before styling or blow drying.

5. Don’t overbrush

You don’t have to brush your hair 100 times a day. This is a myth. It is possible to cause hair damage by brushing too often, such as breakage or split ends.

Brush your hair only to style or improve its appearance. If you have to remove knots, avoid pulling on your hair.

6. Silk pillowcases are the best for sleeping.

You can prevent split ends by protecting your hair at night. To reduce friction, you can opt to sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one.

Silk or satin pillowcases allow your hair to glide across the pillow. A pillowcase that is less friction with your hair can help to prevent hair breakage and damage while you sleep or lay down playing on a mobile casino.

You can also wear a silk scarf to protect your hair at night.

7. You can add time between hair treatments

It is possible to experience side effects from chemical treatments such as perming, coloring and relaxing your hair.

There are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of hair loss, breakage and split ends.

  • You can also extend the time between treatments. Try to leave between treatments for 8-10 weeks.
  • You can only receive one type of chemical treatment at once. The AAD recommends relaxing your hair or perming it first if you require more than one type. You should wait two weeks before you color your hair.
  • Use a hair mask every other week, or an instant conditioner each wash.

Can split ends be hidden?

Split ends can’t be repaired, but you can minimize the visible damage. You can try applying coconut oil or almond oil to your ends. These products add shine to your hair and smoothen it, which helps conceal split ends.

You can also hide your ends with a hairstyle. Try styling your hair in a low- or high-bun or using hair extensions.

Remember that split ends can cause the hair shaft to split and progress. To prevent further damage, you will need to trim or chop any damaged hair.


Split ends are permanent. You can only trim them off. Prevention is the key to preventing split ends and hair breakage.

You can improve the appearance and health of your hair by taking good care of it and not allowing certain things to happen.

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