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Qualities To Look For When Hiring a Personal Stylist



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From award shows to product launches and all manner of events, fashion always takes center stage. We applaud and criticize outfits in equal measure. It is surprising that fashion watching at events has not formally been turned into a sport.

If you grace such high-brow events often, getting your outfit right is a matter of utmost importance. One way to ensure that you look fab at all times is by hiring the right personal stylist. If for no other reason, it will save you from the wrath of fashion critics.

So, to help you make the right pick, here are some of the qualities of a great stylist.

Knowledgeable on Trends

Fashion trends are ever-changing but they are necessary. Without them, clothing and shoe designs would be boring and monotonous.

A good stylist knows what’s hot and what’s not. While you may not wish to hop onto every current fashion trend, it would be a nice touch to avoid outdated styles. Alternatively, they could help you interpret new trends in a way that you feel is more your style. 

Understands Event Etiquette 

Unless upon request, it is generally considered a faux pas to show up to a wedding dressed in a white outfit. It comes off as though you are trying to upstage the bride. On the other hand, you would also be remiss to attend a funeral dressed in loud festive colors. It is not in keeping with mourning etiquette in most cultures.

The list of dress code etiquette is long and it changes between events and even cultures. These rules are not cast in stone but they bear some reasonable significance. There is a thin line between pushing the boundaries to be fashionable and sticking out like a sore thumb at events by not observing etiquette. Your stylist should understand this and suggest designs that fit the occasion’s etiquette.

Financial Prudence 

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Michelle Obama has been recognized over and again as a fashion icon in her own right. Yet, some of her trendiest looks were bought from budget retailers such as J. Crew and H&M. The lesson here is you do not always have to spend thousands to dress well. Moreover, just because an outfit is expensive does not necessarily mean that you will look good in it.


Knowing where to get a good bargain in clothes, shoes, and accessories would be a plus in a stylist. It will help you save money which you can spend on statement pieces or ensembles for major events. After all, there are days when you need a Birkin and others when a fanny pack will do just fine.

Understands Client Management 

One of the problems that most clients face with stylists is a conflict of ideas. Creatives are often eccentric and see things in unique ways from everyone else. This is sometimes a strength in the fashion industry but other times it could work against you.

You are more likely to pull off a look confidently if it suits your taste. Heels that are too high, the wrong shade of lipstick, or a scent that you find cloying will have you feeling out of sorts. If your stylist does not accommodate such preferences, their services will be of little benefit to you.

There is also the question of suitability. Your body shape and height fare well in certain designs more than others. For instance, if you have an apple body shape, A-line dresses might accentuate your figure better. It would behoove you to work with someone who gets such subtle but important details right.

Industry Networks

A large part of the job description of a stylist is sourcing for various items. It could be shoes to match an outfit or private label shampoos to get your hair ready for an event. Fortunately, those are relatively simple to obtain.

However, when it comes to exclusive designs and unique clothing items, they take time and require the right connections to find. If you are hoping to be dressed in top-of-the-line pieces, go for someone who knows their way around the sector.  

Organization Skills

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If you are a public figure, your schedule can be complex and demanding. Between your career and social events, you may not even have time to shop. This makes you more dependent on your stylist as opposed to someone who only needs one for special occasions.

That said, not just any stylist will do. You will need someone that can keep up with your schedule and anticipate your needs. To this end, look for someone with a good eye for fashion but who is also keen on planning.


As the name suggests, a professional personal stylist is entrusted with confidential affairs. They will have access to you, your schedule, and many other personal details in your life. They must be someone that you can trust without reservation. 

Look out for other kinds of professional traits as well such as punctuality, courtesy, and commitment to their work. Where possible have an employment contract in place outlining both of your expectations in the business relationship.


Your image speaks for you long before you utter a single word and influences how people perceive you. It may also be the determining factor on whether you land jobs and what kind of jobs you get. Therefore, investing in a stylist is an investment in yourself. You never know what opportunities could come your way when you’re at the right place in the right gown or tux.



Reviving the 1920s vintage dress: How to achieve a modern chic look




The 1920s was a decade of great change, both socially and fashion-wise. Women were breaking free from traditional societal norms and embracing a more liberated lifestyle. This new way of thinking was reflected in the fashion of the time, with shorter hemlines, looser clothing, and a focus on comfort. The iconic flapper dress, characterized by its dropped waist and fringe, became a symbol of the era, and the 1920s vintage dresses in general, were a reflection of the new found freedom and liberation of women at the time.

Today, the 1920s vintage dress look is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Many fashion designers and brands are incorporating elements of the 1920s aesthetic into their modern collections. So how can you incorporate this vintage look into your own wardrobe?

First, start with the silhouette. The 1920s was all about a slimmer, more streamlined look. To achieve this, look for dresses with a dropped waist and a straight, A-line skirt. These dresses will give you the illusion of a longer, leaner figure.

Next, consider the materials and prints. The 1920s was a time of great experimentation in textile design. Look for dresses made from silk, satin, or velvet, and adorned with geometric patterns and Art Deco-inspired designs.


Accessories are also key to achieving the 1920s vintage look. A simple pair of pearl earrings or a beaded necklace will add a touch of elegance. A cloche hat or a feather headband will complete the look.

When it comes to shoes, choose a pair of T-strap heels or Mary Jane pumps. These styles were popular in the 1920s and will give your outfit a vintage feel.

It’s also important to remember that the 1920s vintage dress look can be adapted to suit different occasions. A simple shift dress can be dressed up with statement jewelry and heels for a formal event, or dressed down with a denim jacket and flats for a more casual look.

Finally, don’t be afraid to mix vintage and modern pieces. The 1920s vintage dress look can be updated and made more contemporary by pairing it with a modern accessory, such as a pair of sneakers or a leather jacket.

Overall, the 1920s vintage dress look is a timeless and versatile style that can be easily incorporated into modern fashion. With a few key elements, such as a dropped waist silhouette, geometric patterns, and the right accessories, you can achieve a vintage look that is both stylish and on-trend. So why not give it a try and see how you can make this vintage look work for you!

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Sprayground And KA-1 Team Up To Bring An Edgy Vibe To U.A.E. Fashion With Their Upcoming Immersive Fashion Show Hosted At The Iconic Fame Park In Dubai




Globally known, artistic and innovative fashion house, Sprayground, has joined forces to launch a special collaboration with youth-centric streetwear label KA1Clothing that is set to become one of the most coveted releases of 2023. In addition to this fully-fledged collection; the fashion duo is hosting an exclusive fashion show taking place on February 2nd, at Dubai’s iconic Fame Park – global entrepreneur Saif Belhasa’s private, invite-only zoo – home to over 500 exotic animals that only opens its doors to the world’s most influential mega stars and world leaders. 

The exclusive fashion show is to take place this February, with handpicked selection of influencers, celebrities and media. Hand-in-hand with its extravang marketing moves, Sprayground proves to be the king of keeping its fans engaged, sending out exclusive mystery box invitations to create buzz around the special event. 

Both fashion teams have stayed true to their respective ethos – Sprayground is one that doesn’t care about the status quo, but that goes against the mainstream and designs with attitude, and Sprayground truly pulled out all the stops with a catalog of eye-catching designs that provide an excellent global fashion effort not seen in years. 

Emirati street label KA-1, offers an unconventional take on the street fashion culture for the local community. Aiming to redefine the look and ideology of streetwear in a culturally diverse society that can’t be defined in black and white, KA-1 has created a distinctive collection that caters to the youth movement. 

This coveted collection features two exclusive backpacks and eight pieces of apparel co-designed by the two fashion labels and includes iconic graphics that both brands are known for, including the Sprayground shark mouth – a collectible art piece, and KA-1’s infamous gold crown design. 

The apparel includes sweatshirts, shorts and six different t-shirt designs all available in various colors of Black, Orange, White, & Nude. The collection also showcases famepark’s tiger logo, incorporating every element of the show to create unique and stylish pieces that elevate the streetwear enchantment that onlookers have been waiting for. 

For additional information, please visit or follow @spraygroundGCC, @KA1Clothing and @famepark for more exciting updates.

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Selina Beb brand celebrates 10 years Anniversary of fashion business



Selina Beb brand celebrates 10 years Anniversary of fashion business

Celebrated Ghanaian fashion brand, Selina Beb has celebrated 10 years anniversary in her fashion business

Selina Beb is a distinctive Ghanaian fashion label that emanates luxury and style and offers embroidered African clothing and accessories for men and women.

The Selina Beb brand has exhibited on a couple of international platforms such as; Africa Fashion week in 2015 at London with a runway show, New Orleans fashion week in America in the year 2018 and Rome, exhibiting African prints and style.

 In 2020, the rise of the Black lives movement, American superstar, Beyoncé wanted to highlight black owned businesses and in Ghana she chose 8 fashion brands and Selina Beb fashion brand was part of the 8 fashion brands selected in Ghana.

The brand has been privileged to receive multiple awards.

Selina Beb is located at Osu.

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Musician and CEO of AMBtrends Seven Even Clothing, Amelli appoints a new Ambassador



Musician and CEO of AMBtrends Seven Even Clothing, Amelli appoints a new Ambassador

On December 22nd, 2022, the celebrated endorsed fast-rising artist was applauded by his team mates and invited audiences who graced his unveiling event of a new Ambassador for AMBtrends Seven Even Clothing Collection.

Miriam Yakubu, better known in the lifestyle industry as Official Mimi, has been named the new Ambassador for AMBtrends Seven Even Clothing line.

Speaking at the press event which happened at Setho-Classic Hotel in Washington, Ashaiman-Accra, Amelli in his speech said; “We can’t do this without you, AMBtrends has signed an Ambassador for 2023, to be the official face for a project we want to enlarge. Her name is Mimi and she’s a family”.

Many people applauded him for his vision and enthusiasm for taking the lifestyle industry around the world.

“Seven Even,” the title of his upcoming album, translates to “Perfect Heaven,” and will serve as a fund-raising project to allow him to film a music video ahead of the album’s release.

Because it is simple, one-of-a-kind, and elegant, the Seven Even clothing line was inspired by the world brand Gucci.

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African Fashion Creatives Converge in Ghana for The Editors Meet Brunch



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Okyeame Kwame, Reggie Rockstone & More At Accra Fashion Week 2022



face of Accra Fashion Week 2022 33 scaled
Accra Fashion Week, Ghana’s leading fashion week, held its 9th edition from December 7-11, 2022 with a host of activities welcoming various individuals and participation across the nation and beyond.

December 7th – The fashion week kicked off with ‘MEET THE DESIGNERS’ where #AFWk hosted press, influencers, boutiques, stylists, photographers, and all parties that may be interested in striking business with designers participating in the fashion week. It was an opportunity for designers to take hold of the post-event features, stocking in stores, and more. The event was hosted by Okyeame Kwame, a top-renowned musician from Ghana and an advocate for supporting made-in-Ghana and made-in-Africa goods. It took place at Lokko House, a concept store that has built a name from supporting African creatives being one of the go-to locations for those looking to purchase Ghanaian goods.

December 8th – Next was #AFPA, the African Fashion Photography & Art Exhibition. This was held at the newly launched Art Africa Gallery in Osu, where Accra Fashion Week gave a platform to fashion photographers and artists from around the nation to exhibit their astonishing paintings and works with a slight touch of fashion. The event also held a fashion show with Buy Direct bags, a wholesale bag outlet in Ghana alongside Mikoko swimwear.

December 9th – Accra Fashion Week put education to the forefront by hosting The 2nd Edition of the African Fashion Summit. With the rise of foreign intervention in African fashion, the AFS focused on the essence of independence in African fashion with Speakers Kwab Asamoah of popular Ghanaian brand Kustom Looks, Richard Ohene Sika from awarding winning Ghanaian school Riohs College of Design, Abrantie the Gentleman, and Faith Senam. The summit hosted reps from various nations such as Nigeria, Germany, USA, Barbados, Seychelles, Togo, Mali, and more.

December 10th & 11th – The main runway action took place on Saturday and Sunday at Ghana Dubai. Designers from over 10 alternative nations registered on their own accord to be part of the biggest fashion event to take place in Africa. The line up of designers featured heavy hitters from Ghana such as Mikoko Deluxe, Catherine L Africa, Adjasam, Red Cotton, Masantewaa Emporium, Kustom Looks, Kayadua, Ab Martins, Angelina Scissora, and Zaqi enCloth. With foreign participating brands; Minaladi (Nigeria), OJZ (Seychelles), Cyboniso Designs (South Africa), Ashara (Senegal/Cote d’Ivoire), Mshona (Uganda), Sassy By Etty (Nigeria), Conrad Sinclair (USA/Barbados), Houm’Nou (Mali), Katiti (Seychelles), Mounir Moda (Senegal), Impari Moda (Germany).

Also, some new brands made their debut showcase on the runway such as Aba Blankson, Ntomaadie, Vicci Mahi, Annola Designs, Akosua Kangah, The Nation Association, and Yayraa. The night was filled with celebrities and witnessed Reggie Rockstone walk for Kustom Looks, Ahoufe Patri for Akosua Kangah, and Ayisha Yakubu for ZaQi enCloth, amongst an audience of over 700 people each day breaking grounds for a fashion week in Ghana and across the continent.
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