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Samsung and Electroland introduce smart wind-free air conditioners in Ghana



Samsung and Electroland introduced a new range of smart air conditioners in Ghana. 

Samsung air conditioners are recognised as world-leading products, having won various global awards for design, advanced performance, and a focus on protecting the environment. More importantly, they continue to provide many homes in Africa a higher level of comfort that puts your family’s health first and even includes intelligent features such as the Triple Protector Plus, which protects you from power surges. This focus on human-centred technologies and cutting-edge innovations in design and technology, ensures that the Samsung range continues provide advanced cooling for a better life.

The Samsung range includes the AR3000, AR4500, AR5500 and AR7500. It includes pioneering features such as:


Fast Cooling


  • This feature rapidly reaches the desired temperature, so you feel comfortable faster
  • Fast Cooling mode operates with the fastest fan speed, before slowing down
  • It cools or heats much faster and reaches the desired temperature in the shortest time
  • It’s ideal for immediate relief from the heat outside


HD Filter


  • This amazing filter prevents fine dust particles and allergens from spreading out in the air
  • It makes sure that the air you breathe is always cleaner and fresher
  • The HD Filter is really effective at capturing dust, airborne contaminants and allergens, such aspollen, mould spores and pet dander
  • And it’s also washable, so all you need to do is give it a quick rinse in water and then reuse it


Good Sleep


  • This mode creates the ideal conditions for a good night’s sleep
  • Simply select Good Sleep mode and it automatically controls the temperature in the room to create the ideal conditions for each stage of the sleep cycle
  • In the process, it continually fine-tunes the temperature without anyone being aware of it
  • So you gain precious minutes of sleep and feel fully refreshed and ready for new day
  • And it also uses less energy than normal cooling


2-Way Auto Swing

  • This feature automatically controls the air flow direction, to evenly distribute cool/warm air for max comfort
  • You can create a comfortable environment with an even temperature in every corner
  • It automatically controls the air flow direction – quickly and evenly distributed across the room
  • It can expel cool or warm air further and in every direction to ensure maximum comfort 

DuraFin™ Plus


  • This maintains the performance and efficiency of the Heat Exchanger
  • You can stay comfortably cool for much longer with the DuraFin™ Plus
  • The long-lasting Ocean Fin is designed with corrosion-resistant material to powerfully protect the condenser from rusting
  • This helps to maintain the optimal performance and efficiency of the Heat Exchanger
  • You can enjoy cool clean air all the time without worrying about your air conditioner wearing out


One of the most innovative features in the range is Wind-Free™. Samsung’s original Wind-Free™ airconditioner was an instant hit upon its launch. The new generation Wind-Free™ airconditioner takes innovation to a new level. This includes energy saving of up to 77% than Fast Cooling and an intelligent assistant that notes your absence from a room and automatically adjusts to energy saving mode. It’s purification system also ensures cleaner air and a healthier environment. Ultimately, Samsung’s exclusive Wind-Free™ Cooling technology provides you with a cool indoor climate without the discomfort of direct cold airflow

There is no doubt you can now discover a new way of life that is cool, fresh and convenient. Depending on your specific budget and air-conditiong needs, whether you choose the AR3000, AR4500, AR5500 or the AR7500, you have a breath of fresh air that makes life effortlessly better.

Electroland launch offer

1.5 horsepower – 3,799 GHC

2.o horsepower – 4,499 GHC

2.5 horsepower – 6,499 GHC

+ free installation




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