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Sarkodie says he is not a fan of Samini's music and adds, 'Samini is bigger than me, I can't diss him'



sarkodie in dubai (3)Sarkodie has debunked reports of an alleged beef between himself and Samini, stating he can never diss the dancehall artiste. The U Go Kill Me hit singer stressed that he can never have any beef with Samini because he looked up to him as an artiste and that, he is also bigger than him. Samini released his controversial song, Pink Sheet last month – a song that took some artistes in the Ghanaian music industry to the cleaners and called them fake artistes. After the dancehall artiste mentioned Sarkodie’s name in the song, social media and news wires were inundated with allegations that there might be some beef between the two. Samini took to twitter Tuesday to clear the air that, “I’m not beefing @sarkodie,” and that he only “asked him to explain to me a line in his song (Borga) in which my name was mentioned.” Reacting to the alleged rift, Sarkodie told Blakk Rasta on Taxi Driver on Hitz FM that, “People think there is a beef between me and Samini, it can never happen because I am never on the same level with him. He is somebody I came to meet.” Touching on the song, the Ghana Music Awards Artiste of the Year winner stated categorically that, Samini “didn’t diss [me and] even if he dissed, I don’t think I can reply [him].” According to Sarkodie, the Time Bomb hit singer “was asking me to come and explain something. As an emcee, you just say whatever you want to say. This is rap, rap is the only way that you can free yourself and say whatever you want to say.” He however stressed that, although he mentioned Samini’s name in his Borga song, he does not “owe anybody” an explanation for that. “I understand him, it’s a stunt, the same way I did that’s the same way he is doing it now. I respect him.” Sarkodie acknowledged Samini’s superiority and explained that he does not rate himself above someone he looked up to because he, Sarkodie, has won a Black Entertainment Television (BET) Award. “If I have to do that, I have to do [it] with the people I started with – my fellow acts.” “Samini is too big for me to try and think something [like] that about him. It’s [rather] more of me ‘bigging him up’ and trying to follow what he did from way back because he actually gave us the urge that we could move further,” after he won a MOBO Award.” “That respect [I have for him] can never go [away].” In spite of the fact that Samini served as his inspiration, Sarkodie noted that, he is not a fan of the dancehall artiste’s music. “If you ask me what I like about Samini, I like his stage craft, I like his business ideas. I look up to him in a certain way but I wouldn’t lie that I’m a music fan of his. I wouldn’t listen to Samini,” he said. culled from]]>


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