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SriBuO Online Weekly Album Review – Bradez – Breakthru



What exactly does it mean for a woman to make you feel so “Simple”? Bradez explained it on this song and it seemed to resonate with many Ghanaians since this track from their “Breakthru” album won the Most Popular Song of the Year award at the 2010 Ghana Music Awards. The song was definitely “a hit meeeeeeeeeeen” and was produced by Richie from LYNX Entertainment studios.

Kwabena Kwabena, the romantic songster, collaborates with them on the next track on the album “Dondoo”. This track has a steady, danceable highlife beat and you could certainly picture a newly married couple dancing to it at their wedding.

Richie and Asem from Lynx Entertainment feature again on the next track “Flashe”. Bradez are asking their fans to flash them so they call back. For those of you who don’t know what flashing is … this refers to the practice where you call someone long enough for them to see your missed call but hang up before they pick up so that none of your talk time is used. This is not to be confused with the other kind of body-part-exposing “flashing”

Another really popular song from the album is the remix of Okyeame Kwame’s Woso track (another one produced by Lynx Entertainment). The song talks about shaking all your troubles off. Kunta Kinte and Stone Da Flow King rap so fast on this track … so fast that you have to slow time to hear what they are saying sometimes … and to do that in Twi is no small feat.

One hit banger from the album that didn’t get much airplay was “Run Things (ft. Richie)”. Chale, if they are playing this song in a club, and you hear it, and you don’t move … then … (no comment). Bradez and Richie definitely got it right running tins on this track. The militant, marching band beat sound combined with Bradez’ witty English lyrics make this track a must add to your music library.

Obeyi (ft. Praye), Senea Me Do Wo Yi and Dedeede are a slew of other songs on the album in which Bradez explore the many various facets of love and relationships. They sing, rap in Twi, English and explore the full versatility of their music talents on these tracks. Their lyrics are full of enough imagery and deep emotion that any man trying to woo a beau could learn some very useful lessons from them.

Biibi Nsii Da A, the last song on the album deserves special mention. It is an inspirational track where they tell their fans (especially the youth) that anything is possible, if you can dream it and work hard at it, you can achieve it. If you have ever had a bad day or a day where you were feeling down, this track would be the perfect up-lifter for you. The acoustic guitar sound backing their lyrics really does justice to the ears.

BUY Break Thru is certainly a breakthrough album for the Bradez. Stone Da Flow King and Kunta Kinte nailed this album right on. You will be playing it over and over and over and over again after you add it to your collection.