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Teacher-turned-rapper, MC Bravado takes storytelling to a whole new level on latest album, ‘Like Water for Hangovers’



MC Bravado, a former High School English Teacher from Baltimore who jumped into music full-time after a summer of performing on Warped Tour, is not looking back as he conquers new territories and wins over new fans with his music, captivating wit and distinctive worldview.

MC Bravado, who describes himself as a rapper’s rapper, was featured on an Official SXSW Showcase (CMMNTY) this year, an opportunity he terms as overwhelming. 

The opportunity to do an official showcase felt like a real level up for me because it is something I have been trying to do for a number of years. So I was humbled by that chance. And I just delved into music full-time, few months ago, so it felt like validation for that decision; we pushed, we got here and made it happen.”

“It was kind of overwhelming. There was so much going on and you try to catch everything. The amount of talent on display really makes you aware of how many great talents are out there that you don’t know about. It is really cool and humbling, and it reminds you that you have to be great and keep pushing and keep up with people like that. “

MC Bravado describes his music as dense, cerebral hip-hop; the kind that you have to listen 10 to 15 times before you pick up everything but continues to evolve with time to make his music fresh and relevant.

 “I’m trying to evolve as an artist, but I always try to have something profound to say. I’ve got a graduate degree in literature so I pride myself on being a writer’s writer. I like to use lots of different literary devices, poetic devices and techniques to make my material very special in that regard.”

The rapper picked up a lot of influences from lyricists who use their voices in a cool way, like Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def and Eminem but says Jay- Z inspires his craft the most. 

“Jay-Z is not only the most successful rapper ever but his wordplay and his ability to craft a song and tell a story is second to none in my opinion.  He was doing thing in 1996 that will still stand out technically today. “

Hints of these influences can be felt on MC Bravado’s latest album,  ‘Like Water For Hangovers’, a pure record that punches people in the mouth with lyrics, beats and hard hitting thoughts.