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The Braxton Family Values and more entertainment on DStv, February



This February, DStv brings viewers across Africa more of exciting television viewing movies, series, crime, documentaries and more. Check out the following hightlights: The Braxton Family Values : Five sisters, only one spotlight! The show features the rambunctious, tight-knit Braxton sisters — Grammy Award-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar — and their headstrong mother, Evelyn, and offers an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos. They battle it out for the spotlight with sibling rivalry, man drama, bankruptcy, a DUI, an absent dad much more.  Toni is a megastar with hit after hit and millions of albums sold. Meanwhile, Traci has had an unexpected pregnancy; Towanda pursues acting; Trina becomes a backup for Toni and a part time “wedding singer”; and Tamar is working on getting her star to rise with her husband, Vince, a successful music industry executive. See if their super-close sisterly bond and unconditional love can get them through the ups and downs of life in the fab line. Through the laughter, tears, screaming and door-slamming, this family still has each other’s back.The Braxton Family Values starts on Sunday 5 February on MNet. Live from the Red Carpet: Get ready for the most exciting and glamorous time of the year.  See all your favourite celebrities live and find out all the showbiz gossip with E!’s red carpet experts providing commentary and offering their insight as the excitement unfolds. Starting off with the The 2012 SAG Awards on Wednesday 1 February at 12.55pm CAT. The Countdown to The Red Carpet: The 2012 Grammy Awards follows on Sunday 12 February at 00:00 CAT. Then catch Live from the Red Carpet: The 2012 Academy Awards on Sunday 26 February 01:00 CAT. The Beauty Queen Murder: Jean Perera Sinnappa was a vivacious former Malaysian beauty queen; she was a teacher and a mother of three children and also a widow. On April 6, 1979, Jean was discovered brutally stabbed to death in her car near Kuala Lumpur. With the aid of computer generated imagery the story illustrates for the first time in 30 years, the theories of how the killing actually took place. Watch it on Sunday 5 February at 21:00 CAT. Unforgiven: Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and Richard Harris star in this Western tale of a man who cannot escape his violent destiny. Heroes and legends rise and fall on the harsh American frontier in Unforgiven. Eleven years have passed since Billy Munny (Clint Eastwood) laid down his weapons, dedicating himself to his young children and struggling farm. But when a huge bounty lures him back into action with his loyal partner, Ned Logan (Freeman), the tortured former gunslinger faces vicious sheriff Little Bill Daggett (Bill Hackman) and the lethally elegant mercenary English Bob (Harris). Even more terrifying, Munny finds himself regressing into the cold-blooded killer he once was. Watch it on Wednesday 1 February at 20:30 CAT. The Green Mile: Death row head guard Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) has walked many inmates down the corridors that lead to Louisiana’s electric chair. But never has he encountered anyone like John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), a massive black man convicted of brutally killing two little white girls. When pain cripples Edgecomb, Coffey reaches from behind bars to lay healing hands on the stricken guard and rid him of the infection that racks his body. Edgecomb realises that Coffey’s gentle demeanor and divine gift oppose his menacing appearance, and he questions whether Coffey is guilty of the crime for which he’s sentenced to die. Watch it on Thursday 2 February at 20:30 CAT.   Earth’s Final Hours:  When a white hole implodes and slows down the Earth’s rotation, the very existence of life is threatened. Now an ex-spy, a scientist and a hacker must join forces to find and repair a lost satellite floating in space if they are to stop the deadly course of events. The movie is directed by David Hogan and stars Hamza Adam, Julia Benson and Cameron Bright. Catch it on Thursday 2 February at 20:00 CAT. NCIS (Season 7): Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and your favourite team of investigators return this month in a new season of this police. The NCIS investigates any and all major crimes involving members of the navy and Marine Corps. As this season opens, the squad’s Mossad liaison Ziva is finally rescued and wants to join NCIS on a permanent basis – but first she has to deal with why she was left behind in Israel and what happened to her there.. Other cases this season feature a fatal bachelor party, death by liquid nitrogen and a North Korean assassin – all with plenty of joking along the way. The new season starts on Monday 6 February at 19:30 CAT. Witness:  Having a child as the only witness to a murder is problem enough, but this boy’s family are Amish, a devout Christian sect which renounces all modern technology. To protect the little boy Samuel, cop John Book (Harrison Ford) must go undercover amongst these simple folk and deal not only with the pursuing killers, but with his own feelings for the boy’s mother (Kelly McGillis).Watch it on Wednesday 1 February at 20:00 CAT. End of Days: Arnold Schwarzenegger plays former policeman Jericho Cane, who’s lost his faith since the murder of his wife and daughter. But atheist or not, he’s the only man who can save the world when the devil possesses a banker (Gabriel Byrne) and uses his body to visit New York City. It’s the eve of the new millennium and if Satan can find his chosen bride (Robin Tunney) and bring forth a child before midnight, then the world is his. Watch it on Wednesday February 29 Friday evenings from 20:00 CAT. The Pink Panther: When the French national team’s football coach is killed and his diamond ring is stolen, it means the loss of one of the world’s most valuable jewels – The Pink Panther. The Chief Inspector assigns the completely clumsy Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin) to the case as a diversion, while he is secretly continuing the real investigation. Inspector Clouseau, however, does everything in his power to help and sets out to recover the missing piece of jewelry with his assistant Gendarme Ponton (Jean Reno). The movie also stars singer Beyoncé Knowles and Kevin Kline. Catch it on Friday 3 February at 20:00 CAT. Reagan: Even though he is still eclipsed in mystery – some called him a hero and others an empty suit – President Reagan made history. DStv audiences can tune into History from Tuesday 7 February at 20:30 CAT to watch rare archival footage and personal interviews with those who knew him best. Reagan reveals the epic story of an unforgettable man who, against all odds, rose to the pinnacle of power.]]>


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