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The fast, reliable and affordable way to send items from the US to Ghana



Do you have to send something from the US to Ghana? Are you in Ghana and want to shop on Amazon and other online shops but don’t know how to get these items shipped to you?  Do you want to buy your dream car and ship it to Ghana? 

Hobort Shipping and Logistic Services, headquartered in Accra, Ghana with an office in Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA offers a global shipping service that caters to these needs. Founded in 2018 by Jeffrey Hoggar, a young Ghanaian entrepreneur, Hobort is a limited liability company that delivers goods and services to customers, international business partners and local communities.

With access to an integrated global network of road, rail and sea transport resources, the company prides itself on delivering global service with local knowledge.

It uses a variety of e-business solutions for efficient cargo bookings and customers are assured of safe and secure handling of all goods inlcuing balikbayan box.

Hobort Shipping Services is fast, reliable and affordable compared to some of the market leaders. Services rendered by the company include:

Concierge shipping

Let Hobort place the order on your behalf. Select the desired items and let Hobort purchase for and deliver to your desired location. Customers in the U.S can also purchase items and have them shipped to friends and family in Ghana or vice-versa.

Courier and express services

Hobort provides a courier and express service which transports and provides deliveries for parcels of all shapes and sizes – from a small envelope or package to a full truckload.

Hobort delivers your items safely and on time without any glitches. They order from all shops and are able to ship them to your destination in days.

With the courier and express service, customers are able to get everything they need from all locations delivered to them in a short span of time.

Freight Consolidation

Smaller shipments of some customers are consolidated with others to deliver to the same destination. Many of customers ship from and to the same centers and destinations, so Hobort can consolidate these smaller shipments with others to deliver to the same consignees.

Door-to-door services

For individuals and small and medium sized business, Hobort has the unique door-to-door services product. For instance if a company has to deliver numerous items to several companies or to different destinations, Hobort can handle the logistics of the delivery easily. Hobort will also pick up your items to be sent for shipping rather than having to move the items to the shipping lane yourself.

Air and Sea freighting

Hobort has developed a full range of freight forwarding services with proven credentials for efficiently handling huge bulk shipments. Hobort is able to efficiently and effectively transport air freight across the globe via their best Air Freight Services. Whether you’re flying finished goods or raw material or equipment, you can count on Hobort to get your freight there– on time.

Large And Oversized Freight

Hobort delivers heavy equipment, mining supplies and production compounds to clients the world over.

Other services from Hobort include general cargo, customer brokerage and door-to-door services. The uniqueness of Hobort lies in being a Ghanaian company, which provides of all the services, mentioned above as a legit player in the global shipping trade.

For more information visit www/ Telephone: +233 50 403 0404

WhatsApp: +1 404 543 4422


Instagram: @hobortshipping




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